Re: Training anyone ?

2001-06-13 Thread Barbie [easynet]

From: Robin Szemeti [EMAIL PROTECTED]

 On Wed, 13 Jun 2001, Barbie wrote:

  They probably could only get away with saying they maintain it due to
  amount of complex stuff in there, and potential legal implications if
  said they designed it. But I'll agree with The Goth here, do we really
  to associate with the buggers?
   I'm half tempted to see what they'd teach me though... :)

 hmmm .. whilst I don't know what their Perl skills are like I do know
 they are a generally clueful outfit .. ISTR one of the founders has his
 name on more than one UNIX book of repute ...

Richard, The Goth and I were referring to The Register not the GBDirect


Re: General Election

2001-06-03 Thread Barbie [easynet]

From: Piers Cawley [EMAIL PROTECTED]

 Look, I'm not saying Bragg's voice is pretty. But his pitching is
 accurate, his tunes are good, his songwriting is immaculate and you
 can tell what he's singing. Same goes for his Bobness too come to

You can tell what Bob is singing! I had to get the Dylan Songbook to
learn the words ;)


PS: I have several albums by Billy and Bob, but I still don't class them as
folk singers. The Houghton Weavers, The Spinners, The Knigston Trio, My
missus  now they're folk singers.

Re: General Election

2001-06-02 Thread Barbie [easynet]

From: Robin Szemeti [EMAIL PROTECTED]

 I understand folk singers sometime place a finger over their ear whilst
 singing. Perhaps Mr Bragg should try that. I doubt it would improve his
 singing, but at least it would stop him twanging that guitar ...

I don't think you could call Billy Bragg a folk singer. His more aptly
titled moniker of Bard of Barking is probably more representative of what
he does. Tells stories set to music. he might not be the best singer in the
world, but then it never stop Bob Dylan or Jimi Hendrix. each to their own I


Re: Religion

2001-06-02 Thread Barbie [easynet]

From: Jonathan Stowe [EMAIL PROTECTED]

 On Fri, 1 Jun 2001, Jonathan Peterson wrote:
  The actions and spirit of paganism (say, wearing leaves and dancing
round a
  tree in May) are good healthy things to do.

 What with this and Piers' earlier revelations  and the ever present
 Unixbeard I have this feeling that maybe we ought to get a Morris Side
 together for next years Jack in the Green festival in Hastings,

 This will be an amusing thing.

Now I'd pay to see that :)


Re: Religion

2001-06-01 Thread Barbie [easynet]

From: Jonathan Peterson [EMAIL PROTECTED]

 I find it strange that the only surviving English/British religion,
 Paganism, is the target for being abolished.

 Is paganism a religion?

Yes. Just because it isn't an organised religion with official buildings and
the like or a registered charity it is relagated to the none of the above
category. However, within the civil service it is the only such religion
that has recognised religious holidays.

 Or does it refer to What Northern and central Europe did before
 the Romans?

It was the religion in these here parts several hundreds of years before the
Romans ever discovered this little island.

 Mayday was traditionally the
 fertility festival. It would make more sense to embrace the Pagan
 seeing as they are celebrated more evenly throughout the year. Plus they
 don't glorify death and have a healthy celebration for life.

 This is all true. But Christian festivals are for the most part
 intellectualised versions of the non-christian ones they replaced. Easter
 is a fertility festival.

Eh? Nope it was an attempt by the Christian faith to remove every possible
existance of any other religion in the provinces they conquered. It has
still been happening in this century within Africa and South America. The
holidays might happen at similar times, but their meanings are far from the

 All souls day is the same as Halloween

All Souls Day is a celebration of all things good. Halloween is the
romantised version of witchcraft being bad and tantamount to devil
worshipping. Again an effort by the church to ridicule other religions.

 The actions and spirit of paganism (say, wearing leaves and dancing round
 tree in May) are good healthy things to do. The cerebral aspects of
 paganism are daft (If I wear leaves and dance round a tree the tree
 will make me more fertile).

If you read up on it a bit more, you'll see that there's much more to it
than that. And anyway why is that any more daft than someone going to a
church and praying for God to make them fertile. They're just a person's
belief, the fact they you choose to ridicule another's way acting on that
belief only allows the church to perpetuate the ridicule that is placed on
other religions. Faith is a very personal thing, whereas a religion
dictating that other kinds of faith are bad or inferior only serves to
belittle themselves IMO. Perhaps one of the reasons why the Pope is making
such an effort to apologise for past persecutions.

 To the extent Christianity leaves one alone
 and replaces the other, I like it. I agree that at times it hasn't done a
 very good job of leaving alone. But nothing's perfect...

What like the Crusades?

 Jon, thinking Paganism and Christianity should co-exist happily as do Art
 and Science.

One celebrates life, the other glorifies death. Art and Science are not so

BTW I'm not a Pagan, just in case you're wondering.


Re: crazy golf

2001-06-01 Thread Barbie [easynet]

From: Simon Cozens [EMAIL PROTECTED]

 On Fri, Jun 01, 2001 at 03:53:53PM +0100, Barbie wrote:
  the only surviving English/British religion, Paganism
 Nice try.

Are you saying it isn't a religion or there is another one?