Re: Monitors

2001-05-13 Thread Brad Bowman

* Dominic Mitchell [EMAIL PROTECTED] [010512 18:21]:
 How many things do you have on top of your monitor?

Laptop with a hologram(ish) postcard and an icecream
sticker that says $1.80.

I was inspired by a high ranking Andersen Consulting type
who had skate boarding stickers on his laptop.

Brad Bowman

Re: More revolting natives

2001-05-06 Thread Brad Bowman

 [1] If he weren't such a twit he'll compliment you on your ability with the
 English language once he realises you're not American! (As in the American
 lady who struck a conversation with my mother - after a few minutes the
 American lady said Gee. You come from Scotland. And you speak English so
 well!). ;-)

... did you have an American teacher?

I got that once.  Austr(al)?ian - they're all the same.

An Irish friend once had trouble convincing a Mid-Westerner
that Ireland was a country in Europe not a State near the
Canadian border.

Brad Bowman

Re: good job there weren't any base belongs to us t-shirts printed

2001-03-05 Thread Brad Bowman

* Jonathan Stowe [EMAIL PROTECTED] [010304 17:45]:
 On Thu, 1 Mar 2001, Aaron Trevena wrote:
  On Thu, 1 Mar 2001, James Powell wrote:
   Might have ended up like the last programme here
   (not for the easily offended)
  cafepress have some aybabtu tees. There is a nice page of reworked
  cartoons and images with aybabtu worked in. Also has an aybabtu
  style whelk in its whelk page.
 It was all over when it made The Grauniad this morning.
Well there's still another 4 months to go before it's
passe in Australia so a T-shirt is still worthwhile if
anyone's planning a trip over.

I was puzzled seeing aybabtu on an album cover (search TORTOISE)
but it ain't there.

Lucky I'm subscribed to a list that's near the memetic source
(some Japlish speaking aliens).

Brad Bowman