Re: Perl Training Courses

2001-03-22 Thread Hamlet D'Arcy
t for it. (ie, don't make it sound like we'll be discussing Perl over pints). Just my two cents (which is about 1.4 pence), Hamlet D'Arcy Brian was right a in '78 and still is. As yet there is no replacement for careful thought .. I doubt there ever will be. around 70% of the time print is a

Re: Kevin Smith Film Fest

2001-03-07 Thread Hamlet D'Arcy
When Mallrats was released I was at University in the US. A week before the release the local paper ran a contest to win tickets to an advance screening. You had to use the work snootchie-bootckies in a sentence, best sentence winning. Long story short... I won advance tickets, a mallrats CD,

Re: Kevin Smith Film Fest - Jason Lee

2001-03-07 Thread Hamlet D'Arcy
what else did Jason Lee appear in... Since we're talking about Jason Lee... He was in another Spike Jonez feature which was untitled. Airwalk (J. Lee's shoe sponsor) produced a video to promote Airwalk which was again filmed by Spike. This one came out in '95. It was only distributed to

New London PM Shirt Designs

2001-03-01 Thread Hamlet D'Arcy
Here is the new London PM T-shirt design that some of you asked about at the last meeting. Let me know what you think. _ Get your FREE download of MSN Explorer at

Re: Heretics' meeting

2001-02-28 Thread Hamlet D'Arcy
Could you post a bit more about the Heretic's meeting? Perhaps some links. I've never heard of the group. Thanks, _ Get your FREE download of MSN Explorer at

geek football

2001-02-27 Thread Hamlet D'Arcy
As an American in the audience of Quantum::Superpositions last night I have one question. What in the world is a 'geek football pool'? _ Get your FREE download of MSN Explorer at