Re: Perl Training Courses

2001-03-22 Thread Hamlet D'Arcy

From listening to the conversation about debugging tools, it seems to me 
that the perspective of the list might be skewed. Print statements are great 
when you're debugging your own code or even someone else's code on small 

But what about those times where you are handed a folder full of files and 
told either "we need this compiled!" or "find the memory leak!". Both of 
these happen to me quite regularly. (And I do realize that this is in a 
C/C++ context, but it could apply to Perl too).

In these situations, an integrated visual debugger is far superior to print 
statements. Sure, you could create log files to reflect a sort of call 
stack, but all too often you will have to add the code yourself rather than 
having the original programmer use debug statements (or such). The same goes 
for listing variables. Want to know the value of every data member in a 
class? I'd prefer clicking the little plus sign and haveing the node expand 
rather than adding a print statement for each member (or set up a loop).

I think an excellent example of a solid, stable, and friendly debugger is 
Metrowerk's Codewarrior's debugger. Call stack, view memory, watches, 
breakpoints, and the ability to alter which lines of code to run... I can 
state from experience that products developed using the Codewarrior Suite 
were brought to market faster and more stable than products developed using 
Borland TurboDebugger or command line tools.

In conclusion, visual integrated debuggers are the best way to quickly 
acquire knowledge of a poorly known program. They give the user faster 
access to data and more debugging control.

So, could someone offer more info on the Perl Courses? With a few basic 
formalities I could probably get my employer to shell out for it. (ie, don't 
make it sound like we'll be discussing Perl over pints).

Just my two cents (which is about 1.4 pence),
Hamlet D'Arcy

Brian was right a in '78 and still is.  As yet there is no replacement
for careful thought .. I doubt there ever will be.

around 70% of the time print is all you need. and 100% of the time it is
perfectly possible with nothing else. But debugging tools can be very
very good ..
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Re: Kevin Smith Film Fest

2001-03-07 Thread Hamlet D'Arcy

When Mallrats was released I was at University in the US. A week before the 
release the local paper ran a contest to win tickets to an advance 
screening. You had to use the work snootchie-bootckies in a sentence, best 
sentence winning.
Long story short...  I won advance tickets, a mallrats CD, Mallrats baseball 
hat, mallrats stickers, and...  A FULL SET OF MALLRATS TRADING CARDS! (which 
I still have).

"I thought maybe the Lo Mein had been poisoned, but I soon realized it was 
just my snootchie bootchies acting up again."

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Re: Kevin Smith Film Fest - Jason Lee

2001-03-07 Thread Hamlet D'Arcy

what else did Jason Lee appear in...

Since we're talking about Jason Lee...

He was in another Spike Jonez feature which was untitled.
Airwalk (J. Lee's shoe sponsor) produced a video to promote Airwalk which 
was again filmed by Spike. This one came out in '95. It was only distributed 
to Airwalk team riders, Airwalk Retail Stores, and special industry people. 
It was about 13 minutes long and featured J. Lee hitting tennis balls over a 
net, alone. J. Lee wore a smart tennis outfit of a white shirt and much to 
short shorts (especially for those days).
J. Lee's big acting break reportedly came through his then girlfriend. If 
you've seen Dazed and Confused, he dated the red-headed girl who drove 
around with the two not-so-cool guys looking for the party out in the woods. 
She reportedly introduced him to the right people. The relationship seems to 
be fact, but the acting break might be a rumour.
And yes, Jason Lee was my idol for about 4 years (until it became apparent 
that he had quit skating in order to act).
And yes, those in the know call him simply, "J. Lee".

-H. D'Arcy

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New London PM Shirt Designs

2001-03-01 Thread Hamlet D'Arcy

Here is the new London PM T-shirt design that some of you asked about at the 
last meeting.

Let me know what you think.
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Re: Heretics' meeting

2001-02-28 Thread Hamlet D'Arcy

Could you post a bit more about the Heretic's meeting?
Perhaps some links.

I've never heard of the group.


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geek football

2001-02-27 Thread Hamlet D'Arcy

As an American in the audience of Quantum::Superpositions last night I have 
one question.

What in the world is a 'geek football pool'?
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