Re: [PUB] Possible candidate

2001-05-31 Thread Natalie Ford
On Wed, May 30, 2001 at 11:16:09PM +0100, Greg McCarroll wrote: Good Beer? Nice surroundings (beer garden in summer/open fire in winter)? Food that can be ate in bar? Lots of seating? Quiet (i.e. you can hear each other talk)? Central to ``business'' London? Can we add accessibility to

Re: like a phoenix from the flames

2001-05-14 Thread Natalie Ford
At 09:58 14/05/01, James Powell wrote: The Perl Journal arrived this morning... Mine too! You read Dave's article and the credits at the end of Damian's? :) - Natalie Ford Iterative Software Ltd. Yet Another Computer Solutions Company Ltd. http

Re: Enough!

2001-05-14 Thread Natalie Ford
At 15:09 14/05/01, Dave Hodgkinson wrote: Please, would you take the politics elsewhere? Some of us really don't give a shit either way. Hear hear! I am getting tired of hitting delete... :) - Natalie Ford Iterative Software Ltd. Yet Another

Re: Monitors

2001-05-12 Thread Natalie Ford
. medium plush tux 7. small plush corel linux tux 8. plush Norbert the dragon from Harry Potter and, underneath: 9. ceramic dragon (yes, i collect dragons, but the rest are in the living room) 10. lego polar bear (from arctic sets) 11. legoland plush dragon rattle - Natalie Ford Iterative


2001-04-06 Thread Natalie Ford
At 22:42 04/04/01, David Cantrell wrote: They should run, not walk, to sourceforge, and get mutt for Win32. I have tried and i get a server / dns error. I have also tried which resolves OK but does not mention a win32 version. Any more pointers? I

Re: That book

2001-03-23 Thread Natalie Ford
How at 404...

Re: Fwd: MacWorld Tokyo Keynote Report

2001-02-22 Thread Natalie Ford
At 11:31 22/02/01, you wrote: James Powell [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: G4 "tit" Powerbook? [insert joke] It's the Thinkpads with the nipples... No, sorry to be a spoilsport, but tit is short for titanium, in this instance...

Re: Technical Meeting Venues

2001-01-26 Thread Natalie Ford
At 23:11 26/01/01, you wrote: On Thu, 25 Jan 2001, Dave Cross wrote: How do people feel about going back to State51? Does someone want to contact the ICA? Hmm. No one seems to have replied to this[1]. [1] ? I have replied to this, off list, because the preferences I expressed were

Re: Consultancy company was [Job] BOFH wanted was: Re: Red Hat worm discovered

2001-01-19 Thread Natalie Ford
At 14:55 19/01/01, Neil Ford wrote: Dave Hodgkinson [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: Mmmm... so, when are we going to have a meeting about all this? Well seeing as I will be amongst the great unwashed from next week, anytime soon would be good. AOLMe too!/AOL

Re: Consultancy company was [Job] BOFH wanted was: Re: Red Hat worm discovered

2001-01-19 Thread Natalie Ford
At 15:49 19/01/01, Dave Cross wrote: I'd love to come along, but probably wouldn't have time to get there and back during lunch. Can we do it one evening? An evening would be better for me, too... Natalie

Re: apologies

2001-01-18 Thread Natalie Ford
At 11:41 18/01/01, binkyuk wrote: At Thu, 18 Jan 2001 10:54:40 +, Dave told us to: OK. So we're now a speaker down. Anyone want to save the day by stepping in to give a 20 min talk - or do I have to talk about Symbol::Approx::Sub _again_? Well I have both The Matrix and MIB with me on

Re: Perl CD BookShelf 2nd Edition

2000-12-28 Thread Natalie Ford
At 12:20 28/12/00, Dean S Wilson wrote: Don't know how many of you have seen this: Vote to decide if they should put Mastering Regular Expressions or the cookbook on the new CD. The problem being that I think they should include both and there is noway

Re: Perl CD BookShelf 2nd Edition

2000-12-28 Thread Natalie Ford
At 16:11 28/12/00, Andrew Bowman wrote: Hmmm. For my money the Cook Book has more everyday use(s) than MRE, so I'd vote for that. But, from the perspective of having the first edition of the CD Bookshelf, it would be nice to have MRE in HTML form too! AOLI agree/AOL Which begs the question of