Re: OSCon London

2001-05-31 Thread Nathan Torkington
Cross David - dcross writes: This one, however, had an advert on the from about the Open Source Convention. Not the San Diego Open Source Convention, but one in London on October 22 - 25. That's currently all I know, but I'll see what else I can find out. That conference was cancelled

FMD (was Re: List Weekly Summary 2001-05-21)

2001-05-25 Thread Nathan Torkington
Redvers Davies writes: About that flyer... FMD presents no risks to humans but is a serious threat to animal health. That is not strictly true... FMD is not a threat to animal health, the MAFF slaughters are. I'm not taking sides about whether the slaughters are justified. Here, though,

tpj #20

2001-05-22 Thread Nathan Torkington
Nobody noticed that in my article's code examples I revealed my pick for sexiest slayer on Buffy. Pout. Nat

Re: O'Reilly Safari - anyone use it?

2001-05-19 Thread Nathan Torkington
Robin Houston writes: On Fri, May 18, 2001 at 11:30:28PM +0100, Barry Pretsell wrote: It sounds like a good idea (must be better than having 3 editions of Programming Perl) and I'm tempted to give it a go, so any Safari subscribers out there with an opinion? Don't forget the

RE: TPC Quiz Team

2001-05-18 Thread Nathan Torkington
Dave Cross writes: It's been so long, I have to ask: what was my article in the most recent TPJ? :-) It was a beginners guide to Arrays. Complete with examples drawing heavily on the world of Buffy. Oh I remember now. In fact, I specifically remember rolling my eyes :-) Nat

[OT] Cordelia (was Re: They are all vampires!)

2001-05-17 Thread Nathan Torkington
Speaking of vampires, you've got a treat coming up with Angel. After the exploitative tv show there was a lull of a week, and then ... Boobapalooza! You boys will be capturing plenty of stills from the season-ending shows. Think Princess Leia only funny and jaw-droppingly gorgeous. Nat

RE: TPC Quiz Team

2001-05-17 Thread Nathan Torkington
Cross David - dcross writes: Having read Nat's article in the new TPJ, I think we should also have: The use of Buffy the Vampiure Slayer in association with the Perl language is a trademark of the London Perl Mongers It's been so long, I have to ask: what was my article in the most recent

Re: [ Damian Conway's Exegesis 2]

2001-05-16 Thread Nathan Torkington
Leon Brocard writes: Coo, coo, see the fabled perl6, remark how it looks just like perl5, wonder if anything's different and if there's a point to all this ;-) Jihad on Leon, anyone? :-) perl6 is supposed to look a lot like perl5. If it didn't, we'd call it Python or something like that.

Good Omens movie

2001-05-14 Thread Nathan Torkington
Terry Gilliam signed to it. Nat

Re: Irish music (was RE: Movies (was Re: Buffy musings ...))

2001-05-10 Thread Nathan Torkington
Dave Cross writes: Some names there that I don't know, but will be checking out. I bet the Green Linnet compilation is good. Oh yes. That's what I used to decide which artists to buy. Another CD arrived yesterday, a Rounder compilation of 1920s recordings of trad. Irish musicians. I was

Re: Buffy musings ...

2001-05-09 Thread Nathan Torkington
David H. Adler writes: 1) Charisma isn't really minor anymore, being second lead in Angel. True. And after the bikini scene, she's a bigtime star. BIG time. BIG. If you know what I mean. Yowzers. 2) Get Willow. Dammit. I'll see what they cost. It might be prohibitively expensive to get

Re: Buffy musings ...

2001-05-09 Thread Nathan Torkington
Dean writes: Does any one know if ORA will be selling a compilation of the papers again after this conference? We will. Nat

O Brother (was Re: Buffy musings ...)

2001-05-09 Thread Nathan Torkington
Piers Cawley writes: I'm trying to work out if I was bowled over by 'Go to sleep pretty baby' because of the song or the visuals... Ob Porn: You can see a nipple and curve of a breast through a wet shirt if you look in the right place. Nat

Movies (was Re: Buffy musings ...)

2001-05-09 Thread Nathan Torkington
Greg McCarroll writes: And while we are on the old films chestnut, my current recommendation is 'O Brother, where art thou?', excellent film. I loved it. I've seen it twice. Of course, I'm a bluegrass music nut. Nat

Re: Movies (was Re: Buffy musings ...)

2001-05-09 Thread Nathan Torkington
Greg McCarroll writes: I think `man of sorrow' will be a good ambassador for bluegrass Yup, it is. I'd just like to add that I saw it performed by the real band (i.e., not George Clooney lipsynching) one week ago. It was bloody brilliant. I think I even have a photo on the digital camera of

Re: Irish music (was RE: Movies (was Re: Buffy musings ...))

2001-05-09 Thread Nathan Torkington
Cross David - dcross writes: Well, I prefer stuff with lyrics, but enjoy almost any kind of Irish (and English) folk music. The CDs on high rotation right now are: Brendan Begley, We Won't Go Home 'Til Morning Green Linnet Artists, Green Linnet Records: The 20th Anniversary

Buffy musings ...

2001-05-08 Thread Nathan Torkington
... I wonder how hard it would be to get Faith or Charisma Carpenter or one of those other minor characters to do a meet'n'greet at TPC. I suspect they're hard to dislodge from LA, but it might still be worth a try[1]. I'm tracking down their agents now. Nat [1] or it's the NyQuil talking

Re: [OT] Flecktones in London next month

2001-05-02 Thread Nathan Torkington
Neil Ford writes: I can now confirm this is at The Pizzaexpress Jazz Club, 10 Dean Street, Soho, London W1 - Reservations: 020 7439 8722 (the new listings arrived this morning!). Of course, this being the evening the tube strike starts, getting there and back could be fun. I saw them play

Re: [london-list-summary] List Weekly Summary 2001-04-23

2001-04-26 Thread Nathan Torkington
Leon Brocard writes: Registration has opened for this year's Perl Conference in San Diego. It's gonna be a great conference - the talks all look excellent (thanks gnat!) You're welcome. I'm going to give a lightning talk at YAPC or TPC about just what a clusterfuck it was this year. Many

Re: [OT] Flecktones in London next month

2001-04-20 Thread Nathan Torkington
Dave Hodgkinson writes: Norman Watt Roy ? Clive off of (void) told me to mention Billy Sheehan, Stu Hamm and Jaco Pastorius and see what happened :-) I'll see your Jaco and raise you Dave la Rue. All good, but if you haven't seen Victor Wooten, you should. He's terrifying. Nat

Re: The Most Boring Thread Ever on : Cool Letter Heads

2001-04-15 Thread Nathan Torkington
Damian Conway writes: Ate was the goddess of folly, strife, discord, and mischief. She was a daughter of Zeus, banished to Earth for her wickness in leading men astray. ^^ [...] (or worse!) for garters if they catch you confusing Her with that bitch Ate ;-) That's my

Re: Madness! It's Madness!!

2001-04-03 Thread Nathan Torkington
dcross - David Cross wrote: Damian's been busy over the last couple of weeks and has produced a load of documentation on what he thinks Perl 6 _might_ be like. It's at Also, Larry's released the first part (Apocalypse) of his perl6 plans.

Re: CPAN Logo

2001-03-30 Thread Nathan Torkington
Elaine -HFB- Ashton wrote: Also, since the font comment made someone other than myself bristle a bit I would like to point out that ORA is not CPAN in any way, shape or form save the exception of the /doc directory tchrist has on And I'd like to say that I hope O'Reilly has done

Re: Perl Auto-RPC

2001-03-29 Thread Nathan Torkington
Simon Wistow wrote: You use the RPC::Automagic module and pass it a RPC server/port/user name/password/whatever. From that point on it overloads the use keyword and anything you try and use it will actually connect to the RPC server and pass it all the parameters. Any modules you didn't want

Re: Perl Auto-RPC

2001-03-29 Thread Nathan Torkington
Greg McCarroll wrote: sure it makes sense, but it still is CiP and trust me this isn't the only bit of CiP in here and much kudos to Paul for it ;-) I'm unsure what CiP is, but if it has anything to do with gnarliness, I know that Paul wrote a 1k regexp to parse XML correctly. It only fails

Re: Social Meeting (fwd)

2001-03-28 Thread Nathan Torkington
David Cantrell [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: I should confess that I recently installed python on one of my boxen. Excuse: something else needed it. However, I'd like to take a look at it sometime. Same goes for Ruby. More things for the to-do queue. I found Ruby much closer to Perl in

Re: Perl Training Courses

2001-03-21 Thread Nathan Torkington
Mark Fowler wrote: One of my collegues asked me about Perl training courses in the U.K. To be honest, we have no idea what is good, what is bad, etc, and so I suggested asking you lot. The London Open Source Convention will have Perl tutorials. If only I could say precisely when it would

Re: Perl Books

2001-02-02 Thread Nathan Torkington
Alex Page writes: Yeah... I always forget to flush when forking, and I've done some horrible things with IPC::Open3 before... I'm shuddering at the thought of the human equivalent of atomic writes. "The largest nugget that will pass through a pipe intact ..." Nat

Re: Perl Books

2001-02-01 Thread Nathan Torkington
Robin Szemeti writes: WHICH IS EXACTLY WHAT I WAS SAYING ... (in big letters just to make sure :) stunningly bright but experience in a different field .. understood. but still one of the (very) bright ones. When I worked at an ISP, our motto was: The customer is an expert in their own

Re: Perl Books

2001-01-31 Thread Nathan Torkington
Elaine -HFB- Ashton writes: On the plus side, Addison-Wesley has a new CGI Perl book coming out in early February that should be a major improvement in this particular genre. Hey, if she's allowed to plug, so am I :-) The 2nd edition of "CGI Programming with Perl" (O'Reilly of course) is

Re: Perl Books

2001-01-23 Thread Nathan Torkington
Elaine -HFB- Ashton writes: It's a copy of all the refereed papers as I recall, not the tutorials. It's tape bound and has Conway's Perligata Talk among others. What Elaine said. It's the book we handed out to TPC attendees in 2000, containing the refereed papers. Nat

Re: Feelers for London Open Source Convention

2001-01-16 Thread Nathan Torkington
Andrew Bowman writes: You mean apart from the traditional British summer hols[1]? August is, in some quarters at least, considered a non-month for the purposes of all sorts of events - possibly even for an Open Source Convention :-) Bugger, we were afraid of that. It's more than just Perl,

Re: Feelers for London Open Source Convention

2001-01-16 Thread Nathan Torkington
David Cantrell writes: Linuxbierwanderung 2001. To be held in Belgium but with a large UK contingent. Date to be confirmed within the next couple of weeks, but will almost certainly be a week somewhere between 19 Aug and 8 Sept. It would be *really* great - especially for intercontinental

Re: Perl 6

2001-01-10 Thread Nathan Torkington
David Hodgkinson writes: If we can get past Larry, I imagine we'll make really rapid progress. Is a coup out of the question? The emergency backup plan of airlifting him from California to Colorado and chaining him to the keyboard remains a backup plan. Will advise HQ when time is ripe.

Re: Perl 6

2001-01-09 Thread Nathan Torkington
Piers Cawley writes: As Piers said, we are blocked on Larry. We're working on some interpreter design now, but some language issues really need to be nailed down before we know what we're going to be writing. Any idea how long we're going to stay blocked? None whatsoever. Many phone

Re: one liner

2001-01-08 Thread Nathan Torkington
Michael Stevens writes: I'm sure there are reasonable number of online manuals we'd all like printed copies of. Yeah, but if O'Reilly were to print them, you'd complain that the book was nothing more than the online manual :-) Nat

Re: one liner

2001-01-08 Thread Nathan Torkington
I wrote: I'm shit-scared of talking about books in progress, in case I jinx them. We also have another Perl/Tk book coming out. It's more advanced than "Learning ..." and, we hope, learns from the criticism levelled at that book. In particular, look for examples. Nat

Re: Buffy - Kevin Smith tie in

2001-01-02 Thread Nathan Torkington
Simon Wistow writes: Bizarre how threads come togther innit ... I want to kill Kevin Smith and live his life. He's the luckiest fat fuck in the world. Nat (bottom lip is quivering at the injustice of it all)