Re: Dream weaver

2001-01-25 Thread Simon_Wilcox
Roger Horne [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: On Wed 24 Jan, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Dreamweaver (I know, don't ask) But I must ! You are only the second person I have heard of who has used it... [snip] Am I right in thinking that what CS said made as much sense as "We don't need a

Re: Web site

2001-01-24 Thread Simon_Wilcox
At Wed, 24 Jan 2001 15:36:28 +, Neil Ford [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Dave I know you've probably got load on at the mo, but the website still lists the February meeting as being at the PO. An update perhaps? Which page did you have in mind? It all looks up to date to me. Dave..

Re: [OT] Putty invocation

2001-01-22 Thread Simon_Wilcox
I make a shortcut and then put something like this in the Target field in Properties. "C:\Program Files\Putty\putty.exe" @SessionName HTH, Simon. Please respond to [EMAIL PROTECTED] From DJ Adams [EMAIL PROTECTED] Date 22 January 2001

Re: [OT] Putty invocation

2001-01-22 Thread Simon_Wilcox
I think everything is stored on a per-session basis. So if you want something changed for all sessions you have to change and re-save each one. I think (having only ever used Putty against two machines running the same OS) ! Simon. The backspace-ctrl-h. I

Penderel query

2001-01-19 Thread Simon_Wilcox
Hi all, I've been lurking on the list for a while and am hoping to make the meeting on the 1st. Please excuse my ignorance with this question, but could someone outline what services penderel provides to account holders ? I've got 50 I'd be happy to contribute