brief penderel outage

2001-06-16 Thread jo walsh

i'm taking penderel down for a little bit
services shouldnt be gone too long
all will be back better and shinier sooner


rewind elector

2001-06-07 Thread jo walsh

eek, i've just grokked that george osborne, who was 2 years above me at
college, has been elected tory mp for tatton. i wish i hadn't been
passed out on dave's sofa at that point. gah, i feel old and sleepy

so nothing changes, but it was nice to realise that in the company of



[JOB] short modperl, long systems at LSE (fwd)

2001-06-06 Thread jo walsh

friend at LSE needing 5 days of mod_perl XML freelancing, said i'd pass
this along, didnt actually wait for response, but hey.
oh gosh, i should finish the london jobs database. and put the new disk in
penderel, which it was too sunny to do during the tech meet. early next
week i guess :/ soz


From: Emmott,Stephen [EMAIL PROTECTED]

I'm looking for a freelance PERL[sic] programmer to write an Apache module
for us - part of our content management solution at LSE. It's a really
interesting project based around navigation generated dynamically from
metadata (RDF, Dublin Core).
We have full specification and statement of work - so whoever does the
work will have a clear brief.

P.S. We've also advertised for a Systems Officer to work in the department I
manage - Website Services:

penderel going down for a little while

2001-05-21 Thread jo walsh

if that's okay...?
i'm going to replace the old disk with the shiny new 40Gb one.
we wound up reinstalling from scratch on the new disk.
the outage should hopefully be quite short.

i plan to do this in about quarter of an hour's time.
please wibble at me soon if this will cause you problems, or wibble at me
or alex tomorrow if there are things you feel you're missing.


would everyone stop please taking the law into their own hands

tube strike / may meeting postponed til 10th

2001-04-27 Thread jo walsh

well, it looks like the tube strike (8pm Weds 2nd May - 8pm Thurs 3rd May)
is still on, and this will scupper our May social meeting plans rather.

invoking the awesome powers delegated to me by davorg i pronounce that
May's social meeting will be postponed until thursday May 10th, and if the
tube strike happens to be called off lastminute like, we'll stick to the
10th so as to avoid any more confusion than usual.
i'll update the website to reflect all this.


would everyone stop please taking the law into their own hands

Re: JOB: Another one (Banking)

2001-04-19 Thread jo walsh

 On Thu, Apr 19, 2001 at 11:53:09AM +0100, dcross - David Cross wrote:
  This is for people who don't have a problem working in a bank.

 Would it be worth forking london-pm-jobs?

i've been inadvertently hacking on a web-based forum for this stuff for a
little while... will talk about it a bit tonight, and happy to accept
suggestions and offers of tweaks for it. nothing to see at the moment,
though :/


Re: JOB: Another one (Banking)

2001-04-19 Thread jo walsh

  i've been inadvertently hacking on a web-based forum for this stuff for a
  little while...

 How can you inadvertently hack ?

at a scattiness load as consistently high as mine has been lately, it's
hard to do many things advertently
consider yourself warned :)


RE: Tech mtg?

2001-04-18 Thread jo walsh

 Could someone at State51, please put something useful up on the web page -
 or post directions to the list - or do _something_ that will make me look a
 little less disorganised than I really am!

state51, 8-10 rhoda street, off brick lane just past junction with bethnal
green road:

tube bethnal green/aldgate east 10 mins, old street/liverpool street 15.
number 8 bus (west end - tcr - holborn - bank - right outside here)

phone us on 0207 729 4343

this all gives me a creeping sense of deja type, i'll stick something up
on the web site if i have time, or if that will give me an excuse for
having no actually working demos for tomorrow

looking forward to seeing many of you,


isnt technology a wonder invention

RE: Tech mtg?

2001-04-18 Thread jo walsh

 this all gives me a creeping sense of deja type

yeah, i've just looked and realised it says almost exactly the same thing
on the website, except in more detail:

oh well, i made a nice page for us:

ho hum,


Re: NWS (was Re: Technical Meeting - 19th April)

2001-04-11 Thread jo walsh

  4) Install Apache::Template, Bundle-XML, Template Toolkit 2.02 on penderel
 I think this has already been mostly done, but I could be wrong.

after much grappling with CPAN shell trying to upgrade us to 5.6.1,
this is all done now, though a couple of newer versions of XML modules -
not the crucial ones - failed tests, i didn't want to force. let me know
if there's anything you want or need missing,


Re: Technical Meeting - 19th April

2001-04-09 Thread jo walsh

 Last Thursday I bullied^Wasked some people to consider doing talks for us,
 but I can't remember who they were. This is your opportunity to step

i recall promising to do 20 minutes on '101 fun things to do with
Tangram', or something like that.
am still happy to do this, but also happy to do less time if more people
want to do longer talks.


RE: Grammar (was: Re: Online Chat)

2001-04-04 Thread jo walsh

 Wrong. There was a concerted effort by the loony left to destroy
 decent education in favour of whatever trendy piffle that was the
 order of the day.

 I had to unlearn the reading I knew before I went to school in favour
 of some stupid phonetic system (anyone remember ITA?) in 1970, finally

 As a child of '72 I too suffered from the phonetic system.

well, it seems none of us from '74 were taught formal english grammar at
school. i picked grammatical terms up from spanish, treat grammar mostly
as instinctive.

the political changes are interesting though. remember that the years
during which we perhaps should have been taught formal grammar coincide
with the first years of the conservative government. though i suppose
before the national curriculum, policy was implemented on a council level;
i was schooled in fairly left-voting areas in, near, london.

political left vs theoretical left, or extreme liberalism. i don't
remember being subjected to this phonetic system, think it was rejected in
favour of something called 'emergent reading' which is as useless if not
backed up by non-school reading experiences. (piaget[0] was influential i
think). so we align two kinds of left as the discarding of old structures
and the development of new ones.

later in this thread someone mentions the lack of english equivalent of
the Academie Francaise. the history and the politics of a language are
reflected in it; england has no constitution, but a convenient
counterbalance. "it is better for the law to be known" says dr johnson's
dictionary, "than to be right." is that quite a perlish statement? is our
code determined by any kind of politics?

someone else mentioned the pr(eo?)scrptive/descriptive grammar thing in
terms of natural and machine languages, and where perl fits in, in being
so context-dependent. i'm very into the idea of writing or generating
grammars and lexers for experimental, artificial languages that would be
free of the wrong kinds of context. don't find lack of formal grammar
schooling a problem, everything can be learned. circularly, perhaps it is
good not to impose too many high-level structures on the minds of


 this is nice, programmatic:

His researches in developmental psychology and genetic epistemology had
one unique goal: how does knowledge grow? His answer
is that the growth of knowledge is a progressive construction of logically
embedded structures superseding one another by a process of inclusion of
lower less powerful logical means into higher and more powerful
ones up to adulthood. Therefore, children's logic and modes of thinking
are initially entirely different from those of adults.

is love a sine wave?

when are we going to see the caaaamels

2001-04-03 Thread jo walsh

can we go now that it is spring? some sunday afternoon soon?
davorg? can we davorg?


you just have to redefine fun locally

RE: Penderel Configuration

2001-02-15 Thread jo walsh

  I'd like to be able to have a
  web address, and
  a cgi-bin directory.

k i can do the ~/public_html thing and sort this out is that the best way?
or there is a group of web users who can write to the docroot if you
prefer (both?)

  I would like to have (at least) one mysql database to play with.

mysql is installed and should be running, i spose anyone who wants their
own database should email me or alex about it

  I'd like to know which perl modules are already installed.

 Why don't we just install all of CPAN to begin with? We are a pm group no?

this is a good idea.

 And can we have password based SSH(or whatever we have to call it now) as
 well as PK based ?

no problems, is enabled. call us at state51 or start a 'talk' session on
the box, i guess, and get told a password

sorry about continuing absence of mailman

jo seems to be working

2001-01-30 Thread jo walsh

for at least some values of working

todo -

1/ get mailman properly configured
2/ set up sudo for web stuff
3/ profit!


JOB: desperately seeking symbian

2001-01-24 Thread jo walsh

a friend asked me to pass this on, it seems interesting.
(symbian looking for 1 junior 1 senior perm perl bods)
in a parallel world where i have cft, this has gone in the jobs
database. um.


The contact details are:

Dave Jobling
Manager, Tools and Processes Team
System Documentation
Switchboard: +44 (0)20 7563 2000
Desk:   +44 (0)20 7563 2842
Mobile:+44 07747 065564

Job title: 2x Build and Tools Software Engineer, reporting to me as team
leader within the SysDoc group.  (1 junior, 1 senior; both permanent.)

Location: Central London (nearest tube station: Edgeware Road).

Broad content of the role:

The System Documentation Group is responsible for producing and maintaining
documentation targetted at developers working with the Symbian software
platform. The resulting Developer Library documentation is released as part
of the Software Development Kits (SDKs) that are used by Symbian licensees,
partners, third party developers and in-house software engineers.

Within the System Documentation Group, the Tools and Processes Team is
responsible for the development and maintenance of a tool chain to support
the documentation production process. The technology areas supported by the
team include XML and HTML, source control and configuration management,
builds, testing, system and product integration and product release. Tools
are typically engineered using Perl.

Key tasks:

* support, maintain and extend document building tool chain and processes

* evolve the design and structure of the documentation component of Symbian

* identify process improvements

* create and maintain process documentation

Essential qualifications:

* experience of Perl development in a commercial environment (scaled
according to role sought)

* problem-solver, team player, adaptable and flexible, suited to working
under pressure, attention to detail, good communicator

Desired qualifications:

* for the senior role, education to software engineering (or similar)
degree; for the junior role, degree in an IT-related subject

* knowledge of XML/HTML

* knowledge of (not necessarily direct involvement in) C++ development in a
commercial environment

* knowledge of software development methodologies, software integration and



Re: apologies

2001-01-18 Thread jo walsh

 i am not going to be able to make it tonight, today is my first day
 back at work after some flu like illness. i had hoped to make it 
 tonight but currently feel like matt wrights code,

ditto, except today is the first day of similar flu-like illness :(
sorry i wont be there to do the gracious hostessing thing
and my five minutes of fame will have to wait :/

have  a good one,


Re: Technical Meeting Agenda

2001-01-12 Thread Jo Walsh

 Venue: State 51 (full details - and a map? - to follow)

State51 is in a disused foam factory at 8-10 rhoda street, bethnal green,
near the junction of brick lane and bethnal green road.
tube shoreditch (but closes early), bethnal green 10 mins, liverpool
street 15 mins, old street 15 mins, number 8 bus
(victoria-tcr-holborn-bank-here) right outside.

there's a big iron gate with 'state51' painted on it. go in and at the far
end is a metal staircase. we're at the top.
we may be slightly short of chairs. it may be a little chilly.
 We'll start with four or five lightning talks. Currently I've only got
 Robin talking about Oulipo, but I'm sure we can come up with a couple
 more between us.

i could do 5 mins on what fun it is to build a perl jobs database with
tangram and template toolkit. (it's in testing atm) if you like.


RE: Technical Meeting Agenda

2001-01-12 Thread Jo Walsh

  i could do 5 mins on what fun it is to build a perl jobs database with
  tangram and template toolkit. (it's in testing atm) if you like.
 That would be cool. Do you want to publicise the URL or is it a Big Secret?

i will do that when it is not not quite finished. like what it is now :)


the list is dead, long live the list

2001-01-11 Thread Jo Walsh

lets kill off the old list before the two get too far out of sync


ps sorry about mail bounces from partyvibe it will be down til next week

a member of the state51 conspiracy

Re: the list is dead, long live the list

2001-01-11 Thread Jo Walsh

  And a pony.
 who needs a pony when we have a camel?
when are we going to see the camel

i would sooner install qmail/ezmlm than mailman
would ppl object?

a member of the state51 conspiracy