Where's my bloody gun?

2001-06-11 Thread john . hearns

I guess it's old news to you all,
but there's a notice on http://search.cpan.org
to the effect that it has been hacked.
I use this a lot.

What IS the mentality of idiots who attack community sites
like this?
Where's my bloody gun

Re: [PUB] Possible candidate

2001-06-04 Thread john . hearns

Robert Thompson wrote:

 There's The George and Dragon just south of London Bridge. Easily walkable
 from LB station or even the City (I used to go there a lot).

 Unfortunately I haven't been there for a while, but hopefully it's still as
 good as I remember.

Sorry to speak up against the George.

It does have a lot of history, and is well worth a visit of a Saturday
Last coaching inn left from a street once full of them, Dickens drank there
It is also the only pub run by the National Trust.

Downside is that it is not all that large, and gets horribly crowded on a
summers evening.
Lots of students and workers from nearby Guys.
The tiny bar serving areas get chock-a-block.
Also, IMHO, to beer is not kept that well, and I've never had a good pint

On the accessibility front, it is not that good.
The ladies loo is on the same level, but there are steps and uneven floors
The gents loo is in a  modern block out in the courtyard.

Expect problem

2001-05-23 Thread john . hearns

Hi all - time for me to delurk. (dashes in from the shadows).

I've bent my brain with Expect yesterday and today, and need someone to
hit me round the head and tell me what to do right.

The scenario:
I wish to run a program, imapxfer, which transfers imap email between
two imap servers.
Each server will prompt for a password.
Getting out the trusty Perl Cookbook, I'm trying to use Expect, which is
amost working.

Here is the code:

# use Expect to run the imapxfer progam and supply its inputs
 $command = Expect-spawn(/usr/local/bin/imapxfer $imapargs)
   or die Couldn't start imapxfer;

# wait 20 seconds for the password: prompt
 unless ($command-expect(20, password:)) {
  print Timeout problem with London imapxfer \n;
print $command passwordr;

# wait 20 seconds for the password: prompt
unless ($command-expect(20, password:)) {
 print Timeout problem with newmail imapxfer \n;
print $command password\r;

Things are fine up until this point - the program starts off, and both
passwords are accepted.
But when the script exits the spawned program is killed :-(, which
happens pretty quickly.
I've tried the soft_close and hard_close methods, which aren't any use.

How can I get things to wait till the spawned program finishes, or at
least let it finish properly.
I've just had success by putting in an infinite wait
unless ($command-expect(undef, nonsense)) {
But that seems real stupid - and of course the script will never exit
Is the only thing to do to to somehow get an expect method to somehow
wait for the end of the spawned program?