Re: early peek at a bit of fun

2001-06-18 Thread Rob Partington
In message [EMAIL PROTECTED], David Cantrell [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: Eh-hem. Apparently my nearest five groups are Belfast, SouthWales, Glasgow, Bathgate and Manchester. I couldn't tell, sorry. Use the map instead. Waah, it hates me! -- rob partington % [EMAIL PROTECTED] % http

RE: Where's my bloody gun?

2001-06-11 Thread Rob Bresner
t'was probly a Python maniac. -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] Sent: Monday, June 11, 2001 3:31 PM To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: Where's my bloody gun? I guess it's old news to you all, but there's a notice on

Re: O'Reilly Safari - anyone use it?

2001-05-19 Thread Rob Partington
, or in a car, so online copies are relatively useless. -- rob partington % [EMAIL PROTECTED] % (just 2p worth)

Re: Good Accountants

2001-04-27 Thread Rob Partington
not... -- rob partington % [EMAIL PROTECTED] % Bsc(Hons) Computer Science University of Manchester Graduated 1995


2001-04-25 Thread Rob Partington
wrote a script a few years back that downloaded the root zones from (iirc) via FTP and compared them with the previous days to find expired or new domains. Checking NS records may be more reliable than the whois information... -- rob partington % [EMAIL PROTECTED] % http

Re: The Natives are Revolting

2001-04-21 Thread Rob Partington
In message [EMAIL PROTECTED], "Ian Brayshaw" [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: (... Mind you, it all looks lovely(?) and dandy(?) under IE ... you've got to love the "near enough is good enough" approach of M$ ...) "Be liberal in what you accept, conversative in what you

Re: The Natives are Revolting

2001-04-21 Thread Rob Partington
.) It compiles with a small tweak to the Makefile and removal of the stupid sys_errlist[] declaration in one of the .c files. Seems to work fine, so far. -- rob partington % [EMAIL PROTECTED] %

Re: (Don't Laugh) Buying PGP

2001-04-19 Thread Rob Partington
if you're using Samba to share the Unix files. -- rob partington % [EMAIL PROTECTED] %

Re: Torvalds not impressed with OS X

2001-04-07 Thread Rob Partington
resource hungry. I shouldn't need 64M to run a GUI and Unix comfortably, that's just crap. -- rob partington % [EMAIL PROTECTED] %

Re: Crazy Idea

2001-04-03 Thread Rob Partington
In message D3AF8264E04FD311A18200508B12B1D5037C84AA@SRVLON20, dcross - David Cross [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: Dave... [thing are getting strange, i'm starting to worry...] Should I call Mulder and Scully? -- rob partington % [EMAIL PROTECTED] %

Re: CGI .. its out to get me ...

2001-04-01 Thread rob
questions is yes, then mod_perl is doing something nasty with closures and your blocks/subs. Try passing $q around as a parameter - that usually solves the problem. Alternatively, if you don't mind using the standard interface, then use that. Rob Thompson

Re: Ruby

2001-03-01 Thread Rob Partington
bit about it. It's fun. It looks cool. It is. :) -- rob partington % [EMAIL PROTECTED] %

Re: lvalue subroutines

2001-02-27 Thread Rob Partington
, or the square root of a pony. I think sqrt(not) only works because it cancels itself out much the same as sqrt(-1) does. Other things don't have the toggle-nature, so wouldn't make sense. -- rob partington % [EMAIL PROTECTED] %

Re: Quantum Weirdness

2001-02-27 Thread Rob Partington
have put on weight! -- rob partington % [EMAIL PROTECTED] %

Re: template toolkit .. one more kwestion

2001-01-29 Thread Rob Partington
as just plain [% item %] it works fine if there is one item in the list .. and returns lots of ARRAY0x1241234 if there is more than one ... Sounds like your dereferencing function may be returning a SCALAR instead of an ARRAY when there's only one result? -- rob partington % [EMAIL PROTECTED

Re: Technical Meeting Venues

2001-01-29 Thread Rob Partington
don't talk funny, and I'm not called Hamish. -- rob partington % [EMAIL PROTECTED] %

Re: Sun's Perl was Re: Application servers and e-commerce platforms

2001-01-26 Thread Rob Partington
mean that, say, pkg_* don't have the same functionality as RPM? -- rob partington % [EMAIL PROTECTED] %

Re: Sun's Perl was Re: Application servers and e-commerce platforms

2001-01-26 Thread Rob Partington
install the postfix package, you get a script which switches your system mailer between postfix and sendmail. Much nicer than "rpm -e", because if you then don't get on with postfix, just run postfix-disable and you get sendmail back. -- rob partington % [EMAIL PROTECTED] %

Re: Consultancy company

2001-01-20 Thread Rob Partington
In message [EMAIL PROTECTED], Piers Cawley [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: [snip] And table football's no fun if you're playing with yourself. Maybe if you kept your hands on the table football...? gdr -- rob partington % [EMAIL PROTECTED] %

Re: freebsd admin skills - free space

2000-12-14 Thread Rob Partington
In message [EMAIL PROTECTED], Paul Makepeace [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: America lost. s/America/We all/ -- rob partington % [EMAIL PROTECTED] %