Re: Fruit flies like a banana

2001-03-24 Thread Marty Pauley
On Fri Mar 23 18:17:13 2001, Lucy McWilliam wrote: Yeah, like where they knock out the alcohol dehydrogenase gene and get all the flies absolutely bladdered :-)) Can I assume that these genes were removed to donate to members? -- Marty PGP signature

Re: Debian question ...

2001-03-24 Thread Marty Pauley
On Thu Mar 22 14:48:48 2001, Marcel Grunauer wrote: David Cantrell writes is there an easy way of getting a list of all the packages which are currently installed? I dislike dselect intensely, and the docs for dpkg et al don't say anything useful. dpkg -l |

Re: ISO8601 [was] Re: Pointless, Badly-Written Module.

2001-03-24 Thread Jon Eyre
On Sat, 24 Mar 2001, Tony Bowden wrote: On Fri, Mar 23, 2001 at 03:24:48PM -0800, Paul Makepeace wrote: More trivia: NT stands (the above not withstanding) for New Technology which makes reading 2k's splash "Built on NT Technology" sound a bit like recording on DAT tapes. Or entering