Re: The Most Boring Thread Ever on : Cool Letter Heads

2001-04-15 Thread Damian Conway
Ate, incidentally, is a contraction of Hecate, which wouldn't have scanned as well. Err, just quietly Dave, that proves not to be the case. Ate was the goddess of folly, strife, discord, and mischief. She was a daughter of Zeus, banished to Earth for her wickness in leading men astray.

Re: The Most Boring Thread Ever on : Cool Letter Heads

2001-04-17 Thread Damian Conway
*The latter is much beloved of modern Goddess worshippers -- as the *third personification of the Goddess. They'll have your guts *(or worse!) for garters if they catch you confusing Her with *that bitch Ate ;-) None of the gods were exactly sweetness and light. Hec'ate

RE: Mutagenic modules: online slides

2001-04-20 Thread Damian Conway
"You can't just make up any old shit and expect the computer to know what you mean, retardo!" Hey! Stop undermining the sole basis of my entire career! Damian

Re: Apocalypse Two

2001-05-04 Thread Damian Conway
still, if damian gets his way we'll no doubt be able to have modules/filters that mean we can still use - :) I *guarantee* it! It will definitely be possible in Perl 6, because even with our primitive earth technology we can do the reverse today:

Re: Apocalypse Two

2001-05-05 Thread Damian Conway
I suppose you'll want me to put that on the CPAN now. ;-) Yes. Didn't we sponsor you for this ;-) I hear and obey, O Mighty Sponsor! Though I suspect I'll hold off until Larry makes A3 public. Then I'll release a module that rearranges *all* the operators to their new Perl 6

Re: Buffy musings ...

2001-05-09 Thread Damian Conway
I wonder how hard it would be to get Faith or Charisma Carpenter do a meet'n'greet at TPC. No idea. But it that idea falls through, I bet you *could* get a pony! ;-) Damian

Re: The scary man...

2001-05-16 Thread Damian Conway
Exegesis unimatrix-1: print Hello, World!\n RFC28 hard at work here! Great minds thinking in parallel there, Marcel. My first draft of Ex2 started like this: Here's the very first Perl 6 program ever written: #! /usr/local/bin/perl6 --warnings

Re: [ Damian Conway's Exegesis 2]

2001-05-17 Thread Damian Conway
Now I'm not buying into the argument on either side, but it does remind me of a lovely quote by Australian programming legend Alan Kennington: Eiffel is some sort of avant-garde French computing movement which believes that programming is reactionary and oppressive.

Re: [ANNOUNCE] Attribute::Abstract 0.01

2001-05-19 Thread Damian Conway
That's right Marcel...steal *all* my ideas for the next three months and do them in two days! ;-) Damian

Re: Ken Campbell is a god (was: pc components)

2001-05-19 Thread Damian Conway
Im nogat samting til ridim insait long pastaim Klingon! Damian (longlong tisa Perlpela) Lingua::TokPisin::Perlpela? Nooo! Damian - as a sponsor, I'm _begging_ you not to do this :) if that works you just have to hope the

Re: Email Style (was: Re: Election Manifestos)

2001-05-24 Thread Damian Conway
Damian is so cool... The next version of Text::Autoformat (which should be out before TPC5) will also leave header lines and sigs unmolested, making it truly useful for email tidying. Now if he'd just stop blaming me for stuff like ;-) Well, I would if you'd just stop

Re: Email Style (was: Re: Election Manifestos)

2001-05-24 Thread Damian Conway
Minor problemette is, when 1.0.4 is called at the end of the file: Can't call method signature on an undefined value at /usr/local/share/perl/5.6.0/Text/ line 779. Noted and fixed for the next release. Damian

Re: [ANNOUNCE] Attribute::Overload 0.02

2001-05-31 Thread Damian Conway
Note that you can't overload constants this way, since this has to happen during BEGIN time, but attributes are only evaluated at CHECK time (at least as far as `Attribute::Handlers' is concerned). Not so. At least not as of the next release. Grab the beta from: