2001-01-04 Thread Simon Batistoni
on 4/1/01 11:03 am, David Hodgkinson wrote: Anyone fancy dim sum shortly? What, when McDonalds are doing 2-for-1? ;) Barf. Yeah, but at the moment you get to barf *twice* each visit :)

RE: geek cricket

2001-02-27 Thread Simon Batistoni
On or about Tue, Feb 27, 2001 at 12:29:19PM +, Amias Channer typed: Each company would have a team (or combine to make teams) and play 40 over matches on sunday afternoons in some sort of league . Does this appeal to anyone ? gambling is optional . You mean... actual physical

Descrambling CSS w/ 7 Lines Of Perl

2001-03-07 Thread Simon Batistoni
Wow! A perl post on I know most people here probably read Slashdot, but this was too sweet to pass up. #!/usr/bin/perl -w # 526-byte qrpff, Keith Winstein and Marc Horowitz [EMAIL PROTECTED] # MPEG 2 PS VOB file on stdin - descrambled output on stdout # arguments: title key bytes

RE: Descrambling CSS w/ 7 Lines Of Perl

2001-03-07 Thread Simon Batistoni
its at times like this, the fact we are archived suddenly seems a good thing (TM) That occurred to me as I was posting it, although it could actually make it a violation of the DMCA to read our archive anywhere inside the borders of the US... :) Anyway, the guy who originally posted the perl

RE: Matt's Scripts Projects

2001-03-19 Thread Simon Batistoni
fers who are looking for PHP scripts, and then brainwash^Weducate them as to why they don't want that shit, they want *this* shit. -- Simon Batistoni userfrenzy [EMAIL PROTECTED] +44 7209 4117

RE: Pointless, Badly-Written Module.

2001-03-20 Thread Simon Batistoni
a) a two reasons why this module should never have been written, and 1. It's redundant, other modules do this already. 2. MM DD YY is an evil date format, and should be abolished in favour of DD MM YY which is more sensible. Not to mention the fact that YY in itself is also bad from a

Matt's Scripts Replacement - The name and sundry other things.

2001-03-23 Thread Simon Batistoni
stream of consciousness now) has anyone given any thought to "powered-by" icons? Should the scripts incorporate them into their output (a bit intrusive for my tastes), or should we just make them optional? What does Matt do on this front? Who is a G1MP Ma573r? that is all. -- Simon Batistoni userfrenzy [EMAIL PROTECTED] +44 7209 4117

RE: Crazy Idea

2001-04-04 Thread Simon Batistoni
Subject: Re: Crazy Idea marroons We once had a nuts teacher at school who let some 12-year-old kid (whose dad was a pyrotechnics expert) bring some of these in for a war scene in a production. I don't know whether they were made by LeMaitre, but the large ones were 10 inches long, with a 3

RE: Backslash

2001-04-05 Thread Simon Batistoni
Mark: a) What and Why is backslash? b) Is this better/worse/indifferent? Should I use it instead? I'd love to know both of these. I can't find anything regarding backslash following a quick trawl of the slashcode site. I'm immediately pre-disposed against it simply because, even if only

RE: Not Matt's Scripts

2001-05-02 Thread Simon Batistoni
On Wed, 02 May 2001, you wrote: Just had a look, and apparently the Formmail scripts have been ported to Win32 and use something called Blat instead of sendmail. Is there any reason why we couldn't use Blat too? I'm looking into it to see if I can get it working. ahh yes ... trouble

RE: Not Matt's Scripts

2001-05-02 Thread Simon Batistoni
more on blat/win32 mailers Arse, apologies for the two messages - I remembered the following and pressed send simultaneously... IMHO (and I've looked into this in some depth for various projects over the past 2 years), there aren't that many command-line mailers for win32. The only other

RE: (OT) constrained walk

2001-05-11 Thread Simon Batistoni
Has anyone got a proper lundun map with tube lines indicated... that would be just chops. just posted to the crisps list, It's not a proper london map, and the resolution is terrible, but I'm sure a grafix wizard could do an overlay job

Re: crazy golf

2001-06-04 Thread Simon Batistoni
keeps mixing in my head with that of a bunch of perl programmers in a cellar bar, quaffing TVRs... Must be the full moon :) -- simon batistoni | [EMAIL PROTECTED] stop right here cos i know where i'm going to