Re: Tie::Hash::Transactional

2001-06-14 Thread Philip Newton

David Cantrell wrote:
 It was disgustingly easy to write

Yeah, awful language this Perl. Makes things much too easy.

I hope our bosses never find out that things take a fraction of the time
they would with other languages :-)

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Re: Tie::Hash::Transactional

2001-06-14 Thread Jonathan Stowe

On Wed, 13 Jun 2001, David Cantrell wrote:

 Go me!  Tie::Hash::Transactional is written.  It implements a hash which
 you can checkpoint and rollback.

Thats weird, I just wrote something that did that very thing the other day
.. the transactional bit was just a side affect of having a tied hash that
could tell which keys which had been updated so I could cheat big time
with the internal data hash which keeps all the stuff for the billing
system here ...