[Lsr] Fw:New Version Notification fordraft-lz-lsr-igp-sr-service-segments-00.txt

2020-01-19 Thread liu.yao71
Dear All, We have published a new draft https://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-lz-lsr-igp-sr-service-segments-00 that discusses the IGP extensions for SR service segments in SFC. Comments, suggestions and questions are more than welcome. Cheers, YAO 原始邮件 发件人:internet-dra...@ietf.org

Re: [Lsr] "IGP Extensions for Segment Routing Service Segment" -draft-lz-lsr-igp-sr-service-segments-02

2020-07-28 Thread liu.yao71
Hi Acee, Thanks for reading the draft. Yes, the main purpose of this draft is to carry the segment segment information via IGP so only one node per AS need to be connected with the controller through BGP-LS. With the existing BGP-LS extension draft, it is certainly one solution to configure

Re: [Lsr] "IGP Extensions for Segment Routing Service Segment"-draft-lz-lsr-igp-sr-service-segments-02

2020-07-29 Thread liu.yao71
Hi Hannes, Thanks for the correction. My previous description is not accurate. What I try to say is that, the operator can run either IGP or BGP on the SF nodes based on the network deployment consideration. If a network is deployed as shown in the figure below, we can choose to use IGP to