Re: [Lubuntu-desktop] new visual identity in lucid

2010-03-05 Thread 神癒礁湖
Thanks a lot, PCMan, but if we do a different style not according with
them we will be like PC/OS, yes, Ubuntu based, but different, and with
an order from Canonical to remove all logos and not being an Ubuntu
family anymore.

Don't WORRY ;-) , I'll just change the logo, the global look won't

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[Lubuntu-desktop] PCManFM 0.9.1 and libfm 0.1.1 alpha

2010-03-05 Thread PCMan
Here comes PCManFM 0.9.1 and libfm 0.1.1.
Again, this is an Alpha release, so don't expect too much on stability.
Strings will be frozen for translation when we reach the first beta release.

What's new:
* Auto-mount for removable devices and and Auto-run dialog. (Finally
we have this!)
* Support 'menu://applications/' to show installed applications in
pcmanfm. (needs lxmenu-data) (reported to be a little bit buggy?)
* Support 'menu://applications/DesktopSettings/' to show configuration
tools. This just acts like control center. (only when you have
lxmenu-data installed)
* Open in terminal now works for folders on desktop
* Create New is working on desktop.
* The color of location bar is changed when pcmanfm is executed with root user.
* Fix command line argumnent-related bugs.
* Fix sorting related bugs
* New configure option: --enable-debug
* Some minor bugs were fixed.

Later when I have spare time I'll post this on
Please get it heavily tested.


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