Re: [Lubuntu-desktop] New programs by default

2009-12-09 Thread Julien Lavergne
Le mercredi 09 décembre 2009 à 14:34 +0800, Mario Behling a écrit : xfce task manager - I know that lxtask has some bugs, but we defined it in the applications list. Please let us know, what is the reason to change it? LXtasks is not packaged for Ubuntu or Debian. It was rejected by Debian

[Lubuntu-desktop] Tested on MSI Wind U100

2009-12-09 Thread Josef A. Beroeatwarin
Hai everybody Hai I tested Lubuntu on my MSI wind U100, I am not a pro like you guys but I like to have my hands on it because I really believe lubuntu will be much better the Xubuntu. And of course I WANT to have a very lightweight linux on my netbook and PC. I am running on Ubuntu 9.10