Re: [Lubuntu-desktop] Email client choice

2010-01-03 Thread Yotam Medini יותם מדיני
With my GMail account, I use both GMail's web-ui, but I also use local mail-client via IMAP4. I use the latter, in the following cases: + Hebrew text editing (right-to-left) + Discussing and quoting programming code. For this I like to even use external EDITOR (emacsclient). + Attaching several

[Lubuntu-desktop] Ubucompilator

2010-01-03 Thread gusions
Hi i will talk about a new software: Ubucompilator (lubucompilator for lxde user)! Ubucompilator is a new software to improve the user experience at the time of compilation! I will proprose the software at the lubuntu's peopole. You can look the ubucompilator blog a this adress

Re: [Lubuntu-desktop] Lubuntu Lucid Alpha 1 Preview

2010-01-03 Thread Leszek Lesner
It is simply speaking a package repo localy + alternate installer. The alternate installer is a simple package to install. The package repo is normally a little bit smaller than the livecd files (because the files are compressed) but I think we should only consider including the alternate

Re: [Lubuntu-desktop] Email client choice

2010-01-03 Thread Luther Goh Lu Feng
I think there may still be use cases for email clients. For example, my less tech savvy colleagues access their company email via Microsoft Outlook. For me, I just redirect it to my main email account. From: Yotam Medini יותם מדיני To: Mario Behling

Re: [Lubuntu-desktop] Ubucompilator

2010-01-03 Thread Dallas Wiebelhaus
Sorry dude but I don't see any reason why Lubuntu would need a compiler unless the user decided to use one , But thanks for the heads up , nice prog. Cheers. On Sun, Jan 3, 2010 at 4:58 AM, gusions wrote: Hi i will talk about a new software: Ubucompilator (lubucompilator for

Re: [Lubuntu-desktop] Ubucompilator

2010-01-03 Thread gusions
Mmm i think that now Lubuntu is for developers, if you love upgrade your software it's a good idea.. Thanks a lot to all! ___ Mailing list: Post to : Unsubscribe :

[Lubuntu-desktop] default music player selection

2010-01-03 Thread omer akram
hi, the default music player in the live cd don't look good and needs to be changed. i dont find its interface to be attractive plus not easy. so i suggest lxmusic i am using lxmusic 0.4.2 at the moment on my ubuntu install and it seems to be working well although i have to change the default

Re: [Lubuntu-desktop] Video player choice

2010-01-03 Thread Julien Lavergne
For the record, to replace it, gnome-mplayer seems to be the best choice, if we want to use a mplayer front-end. I can't see any advantages to stay with smplayer when gnome-mplayer can do the same job : - Use GTK+ (better integration, no additional library in memory) - No additional GNOME

Re: [Lubuntu-desktop] default music player selection

2010-01-03 Thread Julien Lavergne
Well I don't know if the choice was done by taking the fact that lxmusic wasn't working in Karmic. Regarding the vote (, seems there is no real consensus to abandon lxmusic if it's working. It'll be interesting to do some testing with the