Re: [Lubuntu-desktop] Presentation software for Lubuntu

2011-09-16 Thread Jonathan Marsden
On 09/15/2011 05:00 PM, Arief Rachman wrote:

 I need some help. Is there any lightweight software like power point
 in Lubuntu?! Because the main reason why I use netbook is its
 portability to make presentation. But since there's no lightweight
 program to make a presentation, I think I buy netbook become useless.

Most people would not consider PowerPoint to be lightweight!  So
lightweight software like PowerPoint ... is hard to find.

The equivalent of PowerPoint is Impress, in the Ubuntu
pacakge called -- but it is not very lightweight. is an old
summary of Linux/Unix/web-based presentation approaches.  Old, but it
may still be useful.

Some of these approaches need more learning time for the presenter than
PowerPoint does... but several really are lightweight.

If you already know and like HTML, then S5 is a decent standards based
presentation system: (but it is not
all that similar to PowerPoint!).  I have used it myself.


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[Lubuntu-desktop] A request for a spare laptop

2011-09-16 Thread Phill Whiteside

I know i'm stretching the mailing list, but I ask that those in USA please
have a search through their attics, cellars etc. A young and gifted
programmer had his laptop die. He is head of dev on an upstream project that
involves AI. As he is a student from not one of the most affluent areas of
USA I have tried repeatedly to get him a replacement laptop. He asks for
* The specs are frivolous; ive lived on 16 gb of space for so long. A
decent 100gb would be luxurious. Also, at least 2gb ram and CPU clocking
speed of 2.20ghz would be cool, those are my typical working conditions.  *
Just to prove this is not a scam as I do know Jacky and the work he does
with Dante on SII, I am more than willing to pay for the carriage. I'm sure
one of you in USA will be able to source one for him. If you want a few $$'s
for your old laptop, then I will also pay for that.



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[Lubuntu-desktop] Printer driver

2011-09-16 Thread Arief Rachman
I use Canon printer IP1900 and want to print. But when I start, it says error 
or something. And my lubuntu can't detect the printer, it says generic printer. 
Is there any specific driver? And where should I get it? Thank

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Re: [Lubuntu-desktop] Printer driver

2011-09-16 Thread

Maybe this can help you

El 16/09/11 22:03, Arief Rachman escribió:

Canon printer IP1900

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