Re: [Lubuntu-desktop] New Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter section

2011-12-12 Thread Jono Bacon
On 6 December 2011 06:37, Chris wrote:
 Hai Charlie (and the rest),

 I think something went wrong with your reply so I forwarded to everyone
 @Scott K: I think it's a problem with using a lot of terms side-by-side and
 mixing things up even. As you can see, the page [1] Ubuntu uses is called
 Derivatives. However on that same page the officially recognized once are
 suddenly called flavor. In my humble opinion it's a more friendly term to
 use, but we should get some (dare I say it?) Unity in our naming scheme.
 It might have been my mistake, because the information [2] given by Kate
 apparently also talked about Flavors. But it's important everyone knows what
 the correct term is/should be.

 I hope this clears up some of the mess (originally created to ask for help
 on getting links to the meeting minutes).

I can see how there is some confusion here. I see them as:

 * Favors - community development distributions based on Ubuntu, but
part of the Ubuntu project (e.g. Kubuntu, Xubuntu, and Edubuntu).
 * Derivatives - any other project based on Ubuntu but not part of the
Ubuntu project (e.g. Mint).

I think we should get some clarity on this and communicate this
outwards. Kate (CCed) - is this something can help with?


Jono Bacon
Ubuntu Community Manager /

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[Lubuntu-desktop] unity-greeter crashes Precise Alpha/dailies

2011-12-12 Thread
I put out a bug on this issue but haven't heard a peep. Not sure if
there is a similar issue with Ubuntu which may be why it's not getting
any attention. Anyone out there testing that can confirm?


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