Re: [Lubuntu-desktop] Power management issue

2010-04-22 Thread Konstantin Lavrov
Back again Most of annoying I get with lucid is wrong critical battery message from gpm when unplug AC-cable with charged battery. It's a bug that should be report for gnome-power-manager. There are several bugs already in launchpad. Workaround is turn off time policy: gconftool-2 --type

Re: [Lubuntu-desktop] Fwd: bug / problem in detailed list view

2010-04-11 Thread Konstantin Lavrov
2010/4/11 PCMan Please can anyone reproduce this bug? It doesn't happen on my laptop. It is reproduced always on my netbook. ___ Mailing list: Post to :

Re: [Lubuntu-desktop] Power management issue

2010-03-04 Thread Konstantin Lavrov
It is all I can say about. OK. Further testing of xfce-power-manager disappoints me: 1) No reaction on BUTTON_SLEEP, BUTTON_HIBERNATE and BUTTON_POWER_OFF. 2) it seems no properly working without gpm installed. Sorry for bother you all. ___

[Lubuntu-desktop] Power management issue

2010-03-03 Thread Konstantin Lavrov
Hello, all Though it is not only lubuntu related I've experienced different problems with gnome-power-manager on my netbook since 9.04 release. And even in lucid A3 i need to killall gnome-power-manager and use xfce4-power-manager instead. Even new version of xfpm that I've just tested (0.9.90)