[Lubuntu-desktop] R: Asking: How to read 'chm' and 'pdb'

2011-09-11 Thread eco.st...@fastwebnet.it
what kind of files are they? what kind of apps had generates them? you h ave to look at some apps similar to the original (e.g. if i have .doc fi le generated by microsoft word office, an office app will probably open it). Regards Stephen Smally Messaggio originale Da:

[Lubuntu-desktop] I: Lsc 55

2011-09-25 Thread eco.st...@fastwebnet.it
Hi everybody, i was just thinking about the use of a sort of 'notebook' for the Get/Installed software and the apps basket. this is the mockup of the elementary app center -http://elementaryositde v.files.wordpress.com/2011/08/appcenterfront1.png -, look at the second 'toolbar' (with Get New

[Lubuntu-desktop] Lubuntu Software Center 0.0.2

2011-12-18 Thread eco.st...@fastwebnet.it
Ladies and Gentlemen, Lubuntu Software Center 0.0.2 is out! this is the first stable version, you can grab the tarball at http://lau nchpad.net/lubuntu-software-center Now we need your tests, you comments and your hints. Regards Stephen Smally P.S. the PPA is always updated, but is recommended