Re: [Lubuntu-desktop] [Fwd: Re: Colourchange?]

2010-02-18 Thread Jonay Santana
Poll anyone?

I think we should discard blue (Kubuntu), Brown/Orange/Red (Ubuntu), and
Grey (a bit in Xubuntu). Also I think that Lubuntu have to remark its low
footprint... And use a clearly identifyable (does that word even exist?)
color, maybe green, mayble purple/violet.

On Thu, Feb 18, 2010 at 10:41 AM, Sylkis wrote:

 I like the idea of purple with black and grey :)

 2010/2/18 josef A. Beroeatwarin

  Hi all Lubuntu geeks or whatever :-)

 So its sound like  we are so close with the release of Lubuntu. Green is
 nice and for the one that took time to make the green logo thank you...
 I like to have a different colour... because kubuntu is blue, ubuntu is
 brown xubuntu is grey,wattos (ubuntu derived and using lxde) is green just
 like opensuse.
 I like  to see purple with a combination with black or grey... I not a
 really a purple lover I am more of green or blue but... I what to see
 something different with a own status of colour and with the the logo of
 ubuntu as sign where we come from
 So guys what do you think of purple with black, grey maybe metalic,
 ofcourse its sound heavy but its still runs light...

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 Colourchange?  Date: Wed, 17 Feb 2010 15:03:06 -0600  From: Dallas
 Wiebelhaus  To:  References:

 +1 4 Blue.

 On Wed, Feb 17, 2010 at 3:01 PM, Sylkis wrote:

 I still like blue better. for me it doesn't really matter that there
 are othes blue distros, it's just a good looking colour and I gues
 everything's aesthetical with it, unlike with green imo. I mea, it is
 possible to make sth look good with green, but i think it would be
 really dissicult to match it to lubuntu - a very narrow selection of
 green shades is aesthetical for such use, and it matches poorly with
 other colours. I think that even red or purple would do better, but
 that's my personal opinion. maybe gray variations would be nice too,
 or maybe we could mix many colours, instead of keeping everyting in
 one? mixture of blue, dark green, with white, gray and black accents.
 what do you think? I just don't really think it looks good in just
 green. but decision is up to whole community ;)

 2010/2/17 jo franz
  look, we didnt even agree on the logo in the artwork team. There are so
  ideas. But if you guys say green would be ok or even better than blue,
  artwork-team could concentrate on designing green logos.  just look at
  attachement! these are just some from dozens of ideas.
  2010/2/17 Sylkis
  I know it's a quickly made paintswitch, but that greeness and metallic
  LXDE logo doesn't really fit imo, maybe a change should go even
  further for a nice result?
  2010/2/17 jo franz
   i just made some with kolourpaint... wait, ill attach them
   2010/2/17 Glen Bizeau
   Can we see some quick concepts?
   Green is a pleasing color, I personally prefer dark themes :)
   On Wed, Feb 17, 2010 at 1:23 PM, jo franz
hey guys, someone from the artworkteam had a really good idea
about a change from blue to green? we would have to change all
wallpapers, logos and  the whole design, but i think it would be
time. The Kubuntu logo is blue, also the one from Xubuntu - why
shouldn't we
try something new? Lubuntu will be a standalone Distribution - we
to take the same colours as the other official ubuntu-derivates.
green would fit nicely with the idea of lxde using less
jekopsch, the one who had this idea, said.
So what do you think, guys?
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Re: [Lubuntu-desktop] colours

2010-02-18 Thread Jonay Santana
  Looks nice to me. And I wouldn't call it pink, it looks more like
purple... ;)

On Thu, Feb 18, 2010 at 3:37 PM, Sylkis wrote:

 I think it is going in a good direction - a minimal gamma correction to
 make it look less pink (especially the lighter part of wallparer), maybe
 base it on #4B0082 indigo? and I think we have an original, good look. I
 think it's nice even now, but many people would call it 'gay' (I didn't want
 to use that word, but don't know how to say that nicely, I hope you guys
 understand), that why I propose less pinkish hue.

 2010/2/18 神癒礁湖

  Wow, I see an explossion about colour issue. Please, check the theme wiki
 and see the options. I've made a few wallpapers for matching the blue
 colours. And I must be clear, I've received from Canonical the colour
 specifications about usage, logos, trademarks and Pantone(tm) references.
 That's why Xubuntu and Kubuntu (and official derivatives, as we want to
 be) are blue. Anyway, look at this shot:

 Is the purple / pink background with dark panel. As you can see there're a
 lot of combinations, but remaining theme specs. I'll made a poll to request
 your preferences about GUI details.

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[Lubuntu-desktop] Fwd: Testing on Pentium4 Intel Board

2010-01-27 Thread Jonay Santana
  Good morning to all. I have just downloaded and installed Lubuntu, and
since I already know Ubuntu, I'm trying this new flavor. I downloaded the
Lubuntu 10.04 Alpha LiveCD, and installed it yesterday on a Intel Pentium 4
motherboard, with PATA DVD-RW, two PATA HDD, a floppy drive, and a nVidia
GF5500. I plan on install it too on a P3 I have as spare one just for

  Everything worked flawlessly, audio, video, lan, etc. There were a few
untranslated statements throughout the installation process (I selected
spanish as default language) and even on the actual installed and running
system. How can I help translating it?

  Well, that's all for now, I hope I can help Lubuntu become another
official endorsed Ubuntu variant. See you.


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