Re: [Lubuntu-desktop] pcmanfm bug

2011-06-25 Thread Jorge Andrés Alvarez Oré
I confirm this bug in Lubuntu 10.10 (I don´t remember verion) 2011/6/17 Jean-Pierre Vidal Piesset I'm confirming this bug on Lubuntu 10.04 with pcmanfn 0.9.7 -- jpxsat ___ Mailing list:

[Lubuntu-desktop] Fwd: LXDM or Lightdm ?

2011-06-13 Thread Jorge Andrés Alvarez Oré
-- Mensaje reenviado -- De: Jorge Andrés Alvarez Oré Fecha: 13 de junio de 2011 22:41 Asunto: Re: [Lubuntu-desktop] LXDM or Lightdm ? Para: Julien Lavergne (Sorry for my English) My littler opinion: Use lxdm for this cycle (We have used

Re: [Lubuntu-desktop] Any major must fix before Beta issues left in Lubuntu?

2011-03-30 Thread Jorge Andrés Alvarez Oré
+1 alternate CD It´s suppose that the minimal memory for use Lubuntu is 192MB, but with 256MB to install it, it´s impossible to use it with a very old computer. My suggestion it´s to share a text install (alternate CD) by default. Anyway now Lubuntu isn't for beginners Linux user, so with a text

Re: [Lubuntu-desktop] Idea/Suggestion to say goodbye to xcreensaver

2011-02-24 Thread Jorge Andrés Alvarez Oré
The first time that i installed Lubuntu I've surprised when see that the default screensaver consume 60-70% of my processor. So i deactivated it. For me turn off the monitor in x minutes is enough. Lubuntu is not only for slow machine, it's a energy saving OS too. In the home page say