Re: [Lubuntu-desktop] artwork

2011-01-18 Thread Tyler Raper
I really like it, looks quite nice. As long as performance isn’t impacted, it 
should be another great update to the Lubuntu theme.




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2011/1/18 神癒礁湖 (Rafael Laguna)

Just for testing :)


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As usual, it's beautiful :)

My only concern is the number of gtk-engine needed. I'm not sure, but it could 
have an impact on the resource needed for running the theme. Are they really 
necessary ?



Julien Lavergne


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[Lubuntu-desktop] Login issue on Live CD

2011-01-09 Thread Tyler Raper
I ran into an issue last night when trying to use a Live CD of Lubuntu 10.10
on a friends computer. Windows had completely messed up and we were trying
to get files off of the hard drive using the Live CD. Well the CD booted
fine but when Lubuntu finally loaded up the splash screen came up requesting
a Username and Password. Hitting enter to clear through the boxes didn't
help. This is the first time I have seen this and while it is not a problem
for my friend anymore, he downloaded Ubuntu 10.10 64bit , I figured this was
a bug you guys would like to know about. If you have any more questions
about the issue I will see what I can do about answering them.



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[Lubuntu-desktop] LXDE Clock Settings

2011-01-04 Thread Tyler Raper
This is my first post on your mailing list and I have been enjoying the hard
work you guys put into the Lubuntu distro. I am by far no linux expert, but
I love how lightweight Lubuntu is and how useful it can be to bring old PC's
back to a realm of usefulness. 


However, I did have a suggestions regarding the LXDE Clock settings. On a
default install %R is what the clock is set at, many PC users are more used
to the standard time that is used in Windows, on phones, watches and other
devices. Currently military time is the standard. I would like to propose a
change to how time is displayed on the taskbar. I think %l:%M %p is another
format that more people are used to. Which looks like (7:37 PM ) when it is
displayed. To find out how to do this I had to look it up, which is fine
because I am a bit more technical. Another idea if changing the time perhaps
a dropdown box could be used here to allow users to change the style of the
time display. It would be much more intuitive for new users, I consider this
another of the small papercuts that this Ubuntu derivative has.


Thanks for your time, I really do appreciate the effort you guys put in and
will try to chime in from time to time if I have any thoughts on discussions
in the mailing list.




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