Re: [Lubuntu-desktop] Chrome applets

2010-02-27 Thread omer akram
@Julián Alarcón, Here Chromium is much faster than your friend firefox when running on a netbook wth 512mb/1.6ghz atom. I mean reall difference can be felt here even with many launchpad bugs open in different tabs. 2010/2/27 Julián Alarcón MM, I just remember!!! I don't

[Lubuntu-desktop] default music player selection

2010-01-03 Thread omer akram
hi, the default music player in the live cd don't look good and needs to be changed. i dont find its interface to be attractive plus not easy. so i suggest lxmusic i am using lxmusic 0.4.2 at the moment on my ubuntu install and it seems to be working well although i have to change the default

Re: [Lubuntu-desktop] Lubuntu Lucid Alpha 1 Preview

2010-01-02 Thread omer akram
@Julien For the alternate, yes but it's something we plan for futur ISO. Once the standard ISO is well tested, an alternate will be generated too :) this iso size is less than 400mb so why not add the alternate install feature to the normal live cd?

Re: [Lubuntu-desktop] Lubuntu Lucid Alpha 1 Preview

2009-12-31 Thread omer akram
ok i have installed this live image without a problem. this image is much better than the previous images. i have a question. how to install codecs for smplayer? will there be any lubuntu-restricted-extras typos thing? wicd does not connect at first try but work at second try. i also filed a