[Lubuntu-desktop] colour scheme

2010-03-13 Thread Phill Whiteside
Hi, just been having a wander round the wiki page and came across the art-work section (I'm no graphic designer, btw !!) http://forum.lxde.org/viewtopic.php?f=13t=437start=100 I really do like the green, and second the comment about kubuntu is blue, xubuntu is blue Has the decision been made ?

Re: [Lubuntu-desktop] colour scheme

2010-03-13 Thread 神癒礁湖
About the palette I had formal instructions from Canonical, due to patent issues. It seems that Lubuntu name was registered by the Company and, in prevission of these kind of things (even when Kubuntu wasn't released), they published a hard graphical guide about possible derivatives. They didn't