Re: [Lubuntu-desktop] Lubuntu Project Q's

2009-07-19 Thread David Sugar
The problem with each of these documents is that they do not offer the
clarity of statement that a simple and direct FAQ would.  And I authored
one of the documents mentioned here :).  Questions that come to mind are
things like:

1) What is the mission of Lubuntu

2) What are the baseline system requirements

To which I would like to suggest 64m ram/256m disk, and 800x576
resolution (hence covering old traditional 800x600 and netbook
1024x576...) as both a goal and challenge for this team...


Something like that is what I had meant about the need for a FAQ.

Dallas Wiebelhaus wrote:
 It may Also benefit you to read what's already in place:
 On Tue, Jul 7, 2009 at 3:49 PM, David Sugar wrote:
 Perhaps this offers an opportunity for someone to put together an
 initial Lubuntu FAQ on the wiki...
 jon york wrote:
  Alright, not that I want to start any E-fights, but I do believe these
  are serious questions that need to be answered
  in any project, there needs to be a driving reason behind it other
  because, also, there needs to be a reason for people to try it, and
  switch, or else this project will eventually fail.
  in light of this, here are my questions
  1- what will Lubuntu offer that any other version of *buntu does
 not offer?
  2- what kind of performance increase shall we see with Lubuntu?
  3- what is our geographic and demographic target?
  4- is Lxde ready for its own *Buntu variant?
  5- how will Lubuntu compared to Xubuntu in terms of GB install, Ram
  usage, performance and functionality?
  6- what is the projected usage curve for this project?
  these are hard questions to answer, however they do need to be
  addressed. I own a computer repair and sale company in Canada, and
 I and
  currently in university studying accounting and marketing.
 regardless of
  how we feel about it, we are competing for market share with countless
  Linux's including which many variants, official or not of Ubuntu. Is
  this system competing against all distro's? Xubuntu only? Ubuntu and
  Xubuntu? #!? or is it a system that will be aimed for the Windows/mac
  user to switch.
  Jon York
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Re: [Lubuntu-desktop] Lubuntu Project Q's

2009-07-08 Thread Liam Proven
2009/7/8 Dallas Wiebelhaus
 The U-Lite Creator Shae Smittle is on board for this endeavor:

I know. He told me about this product and this list. He's helping you
out, giving you guys the benefit of his experience; what are *you*
guys doing for *him*?

 You guys should relax , these things take a while and everyone is busy ,

Relax? I ask a series of serious questions, you give me a quick
brush-off, don't answer any of them and *you* tell *me* I should
relax? I'm incredulous!

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