Re: [Lubuntu-desktop] 11.10 testing and Main Forum area

2011-08-27 Thread Phill Whiteside
Hi Bjorn, apologies for the delay in replying. There is a 'how to contribute' on the site at and on the wiki area at Hopefully, the website and wiki areas contain the same information albeit that a Drupal based

[Lubuntu-desktop] 11.10 testing and Main Forum area

2011-08-25 Thread Bjorn Madsen
Good mail Phil! In addition to that I think alot of people want to contribute, but don't know how to go about it. If we make that step easier I believe it also becomes easier to channel the information (which the newbies bring) more efficiently. Here a streamlined how to contribute from the

[Lubuntu-desktop] 11.10 testing and Main Forum area.

2011-08-24 Thread Phill Whiteside
Hiyas good people, Whilst some of you are reluctant to venture onto the main forum area for various reasons, an excellent point was raised by bioterror. *11.10 Oneric* The 'dev' area for oneric (for all flavours) are not checked by the devs. With the ongoing assistance by the forum mods, they