Re: [Lubuntu-desktop] Lubuntu and openjava-jre

2010-07-09 Thread Mikhail Maksimov
Hi, Daniel. I've experienced that dreadful no sound and no errors issue with at least two different lubuntu installations (an old P4-based system and a powerful x-series Thinkpad). Try starting alsamixer and un-muting some channels using M key. You might want to install graphical mixer control,

[Lubuntu-desktop] Lubuntu and openjava-jre

2010-07-05 Thread Daniel Hallett
Is there going to be flash in chrome on lubuntu? If not how do I get openjava-jdk-jre working properly on lubuntu? How do I get the sound on lubuntu working properly? I'm using lubuntu 10.04 on zareason terra a20 with 2 gigs ram. 160 gig HDD. Is there a better player that I can use to sync my