[Lubuntu-desktop] About gnome-volume-control

2010-02-22 Thread PCMan
Hi all, Apart from the new pcmanfm2, I got some questions regarding to volume control. The ALSA or oss applet in lxpanel doesn't work well. I personally use gnome-volume-control instead. How does it work in Lubutu? Does it work? BTW, how to save current volume in alsa? Or should this be done in

Re: [Lubuntu-desktop] ProxyGUI for Lubuntu first testversion (lxproxy 0.1)

2010-02-22 Thread Julien Lavergne
Hi, Thanks for your work. I don't use proxy, so I'll be also interesting in feedbacks from users. But I'm still think that all those scripts should be in one place, to build a unified configuration program for LXDE / Lubuntu. I'm not sure having plenty of little configuration scripts is