[Lubuntu-desktop] minimal install.

2010-10-16 Thread Phill Whiteside
Hi Julien, I know you are always pressed for time, but we could really do with a text based install for lubuntu. A couple of people on earlier use PCMIA cards from their elderly laptops for ethernet and the mini-iso does not see them correctly. Hi Gang, I do know it is possible to make a CD

Re: [Lubuntu-desktop] Documentation

2010-10-16 Thread Fredrik Andersson
Yeah let me know when and if you do this so i can write it down @ forum aswell. building it up from scratch. 2010/10/17 Phill Whiteside phi...@phillw.net Hiyas gang, It's been a bit a hectic, and I've missed out a couple of pages on my frantic running around, notably adding the Maverick