Re: [Lubuntu-desktop] Last changes to applications installed by default

2010-02-14 Thread Lee Briggs
I know you're saying gnome-mplayer is finalised, but for future reference it might be worth looking at parole from the xfce goodies package. Its actually lighter than gnome-mplayer and has a brilliant UI

Re: [Lubuntu-desktop] PCManFM beta release postponed and may require unfreeze.

2010-04-14 Thread Lee Briggs
It really depends how close the beta is and how good the support will be once the final version is released. It seems silly to unfreeze now if the implementation of undelete is going to be rushed, however, if you're confident that you're going to be able to get good quality from the feature then

Re: [Lubuntu-desktop] Lubuntu application discussion for maverick

2010-05-13 Thread Lee Briggs
The problem is, we could discuss which applications to include for years and never reach a consensus. Chrome is good, developed regularly and efficient. The only browser I'd include over Chrome is the newest Midori which is extremely good. Its improved lots since it was tested for the Lucid