Re: Distribute the title (frontmatter) over several lines separated with line space?

2009-08-24 Thread rgheck
On 08/24/2009 05:20 PM, Bjørn Liene Gundersen wrote: Hi, I am a new user with LyX, have previousely been using Scientific Workplace (SWP). I am using LyX 1.63 for Windows with the standard report template. In the frontmatter dialog in Scientific Workplace I normally use to paste a graphic/icon

Re: changing justification of caption

2009-08-24 Thread Jean-Marc Lasgouttes
Le 24/08/2009 20:23, Jonatan R. Catai a écrit : Hello, Wolfgang Yes, my caption is small, a few words only (I just want to show a structural formula of a molecule - so, there isn't much to say about it). When I added some more words to the caption, then the suggestion of using the caption

[announce] LyXWinInstaller for LyX 1.6.4

2009-08-24 Thread Uwe Stöhr
Hello LyXers, the alternative Windows installer for LyX 1.6.4 is now available. This installer comes again with an update installer to update existing LyX 1.6.3 installation to LyX 1.6.4. NOTE: To be able to use this installer version, LyX 1.6.3 must have been installed with the alternative

Re: changing justification of caption

2009-08-24 Thread Jonatan R. Catai
Hi JMarc The answer is yes for both questions. Interesting to thing about the feature as part of the textclass. Yes, it surprised me. I could leave the way it is. I, personally, have no problem with it. On the other side, however, the document I am writing goes to other people and that is the

Re: how to see what LyX is thinking?

2009-08-24 Thread G. Jay Kerns
Thanks for all of the answers; they are all what I was looking for. Perhaps Günter's solution is the most convenient for my setup... the errors have been there waiting for me in .xsession-errors all along. Thanks again. Jay

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