LyX truncates spacing in Local Layout and in Listings

2017-07-28 Thread haim.rosner
I noticed that whenever I enter contents to
* Document -> Settings -> Local Layout
* Document -> Settings -> Listings
* Program Listings Inset -> Settings -> Advanced
All the leading tabs are deleted by the validation. This disturbs the reading 
of this content. Is there any solution for this?

Another issue is that the tab stops are fairly far away from each other. I 
think that cutting them to two thirds is much better.

I am using LyX 2.2.2 on Windows X.


RE: Corrupted display of LyX 2.2.2

2017-07-24 Thread haim.rosner

> Does this make a difference if you set the UI language to English?

> JMarc

Yes it does. When I change to English UI everything looks right, in both 
English documents and Hebrew documents. On the other hand, the Arabic (ArabTeX) 
Interface suffers from the same problem, regardless of the document language. 
It must be something in the RTL UI.


PS Why the Arabic UI Name has the "(ArabTeX)" in it? What is the connection 
between the latex packages and the UI?

RE: Corrupted display of LyX 2.2.2

2017-07-23 Thread haim.rosner
> Hi, this should indeed not happen, and I do not remember somebody 
> reporting that. Can you reproduce it in a reliable way?

No. It just happens when I type. Always. The display refreshes as I type but 
the rightmost 2 millimeters (approx.) And it did happen for me with earlier 
versions on earlier machines.

> To be clear: this is a document in English (completely or partly?) but 
> the UI of LyX is in Hebrew, right?

Yes. This document is English only, but it happens with ALL documents, RTL and 
LTR. Always the rightmost margin. This picture is of a Hebrew document.

> It would be very helpful to have an example file.

Sorry, but it is not a file – it is the application itself.

> JMarc