Re: El Capitain

2015-09-28 Thread Stephan Witt
Am 28.09.2015 um 22:20 schrieb Anders Host-Madsen : > Has anyone tested out LyX with OSX El Capitain? Any issues? > Yes, my installation failed to update to El Capitan GM. I tried it with an external drive and it never completed the final (?) step after rebooting the

IBus incompatibility

2015-09-28 Thread Guillaume Munch
There is currently a serious incompatibility between LyX and IBus (the default input method in Ubuntu and Fedora) that causes various problems: * The keyboard starts outputting the wrong keys * LyX completely and definitely stops responding * When using arrow keys or page up/down, the

Re: pdfminorversion

2015-09-28 Thread Julio Rojas
Thanks Scott. It is not the best solution, but I will set it up whenever this error appears. Maybe this could be a flag that can be easily included in new versions of Lyx. Regards, - Julio Rojas On Thu, Sep 24, 2015 at 11:12