Re: LyX + arrows +beamer?

2011-02-21 Thread Paul Rubin
GMANE is acting weirdly -- it won't display the original text of your question. At any rate, the answer is that the diagram can indeed be reproduced in LyX (see below). I put the various chunks of the formula in ERT, as new LaTeX commands, but that's not necessary. You can do it in the equation

Re: problem

2011-02-22 Thread Paul Rubin
Sorry, the user list employs English (and, trust me, your English comprehension will be better than my writing of German). Highlight each of your subscripts and type \mathrm followed by a space. For entering new subscripts, type \mathrm (space) in the subscript field, then type the subscript in

Re: two theorems right after another

2011-03-10 Thread Paul Rubin
Randolf Altmeyer randolf.altmeyer at writes: It's probably a simple thing. I want to add a theorem environment and right after that another one. However, whenever I just hit return to enter to the next line, and select Theorem from the drop down list in Lyx, nothing changes,

Re: strange error with tabular

2011-03-15 Thread Paul Rubin
Does adding \usepackage{array} to the preamble cure it? Paul

Re: strange error with tabular

2011-03-16 Thread Paul Rubin
S Nedunuri nedunuri at writes: yes it does. Thanks! Funny that whatever latex processor Lyx is calling doesn't stumble on this. LyX automatically adds certain packages to the preamble if it spots the need for them, but it only sees one of a set of known triggers. Best

Re: url{} package not working

2011-03-17 Thread Paul Rubin
Rich Shepard rshepard at writes: When I preview the output the text is typeset in the article body typeface It's monospaced here. and extends well into the right margin. I think that's a combination of two factors. The first is that the geometry package is not being loaded;

Re: Question about Ctrl M inline formula

2011-03-19 Thread Paul Rubin
Does the status bar (bottom of window) say anything when you hit Ctrl-M? Perhaps it was accidentally assigned to something other than inserting an inline formula. Also, it might help to report what OS you're using. Paul

Re: cls file problem, error previewing format

2011-03-20 Thread Paul Rubin
Is what you posted the entire LaTeX log file? Usually the first step is to find the first error message in the log file and try to track down the reason for it. Frequently (but not always) you can find a specific source; it's then a matter of whether that is user error in the document, a

Re: Howto put itemize inside beamer block

2011-03-23 Thread Paul Rubin
drfridolin d.flannel at writes: yes, but what is the Mac Os X equivalent for (M-S-right arrow)? Check the menu (Edit Increase list depth) and see if it gives the shortcut. Paul

Re: Beamer presentation template

2011-03-25 Thread Paul Rubin
The most likely explanation is that the Beamer LaTeX package is not installed. Since you're on Win 7, you are almost surely using MiKTeX as your LaTeX distribution. Run the MiKTeX package manager and look for the Beamer entry. If it's not installed, tell the package manager to install it. Once

Re: No spaces when creating pdf from lyx

2011-03-26 Thread Paul Rubin
Sounds like a MiKTeX problem, but it's hard to figure out what it would be. After upgrading, did you remove the previous version of MiKTeX from your system? Create a short test document in LyX and export it in LaTeX (pdflatex). Take a look at the .tex file and make sure that there are spaces

Re: LYX software query

2011-03-28 Thread Paul Rubin
Dr Eberhard W Lisse el at writes: Did I read somewhere once that one can have a local MikTeX server (some form of a mirror) so that can be done under controlled condition and then the local user(s) pull off of that one? Apologies if I'm answering a question you are not asking; I

Re: increase arrow length and annotate objects in XYpic

2011-04-10 Thread Paul Rubin
Eisa Ayed eisalenazy at writes: Hello everyone . i'm wondering how can I increase the arrow length in xypic. i.e. \xymatrix{*++[F]{A} \ar@{-}[r]{(0,0),(1,1)}*++[F]{B}} I'm not sure what you mean here? Do you want to move the A and B nodes further apart? If so, just insert

Re: windows unattended install flags/switches

2011-04-21 Thread Paul Rubin
MiKTeX has three options for what to do when a document needs a LaTeX package not currently installed: automatically download and install it; ignore it; or ask for a blessing. When LyX configures itself, it searches for approximately 2^100 packages (my subjective estimate). So I'd suggest

Re: super-/subscript Lyx-function name for bindfile

2011-04-21 Thread Paul Rubin
Sean Wendt wendt.sean at writes: Try binding the following to a key combo of your choice: command-sequence ert-insert; self-insert \textsubscript{; char-forward; ert-insert; self-insert }; char-backward; char-backward; Paul

Re: super-/subscript Lyx-function name for bindfile

2011-04-22 Thread Paul Rubin
Sean Wendt wendt.sean at writes: I like to write the text and style it afterwards, so I tried: command-sequence cut; ert-insert; self-insert \textsubscript{; char-forward; paste; ert-insert; self-insert }; char-backward; char-backward; This one however doesn't work when the

Re: super-/subscript Lyx-function name for bindfile

2011-04-23 Thread Paul Rubin
True. I'm on 1.6.x (2.0 requires multiple library upgrades on my Linux systems, so it's awaiting my next major Linux upgrade). Sean apparently is on 2.0, though, so it would seem easier for him to bind the new LFUNs. Paul

Re: Page numbering

2011-04-28 Thread Paul Rubin
The default for article (paper) has headers containing section titles (if any) and page numbers, with the page number in the upper right of the page (except for page 1). Are you not getting the page numbers in the upper right corner? If not, are you at least getting the rest of the header? Paul

Re: xcolor help

2011-05-04 Thread Paul Rubin
You'll probably have to post the document here to get a definitive answer. A color setting for something is apparently missing or mangled, but without the document it is impossible to say where the error occurs. (It could be in one of the beamer template files as well as in the source document,

Re: problems with table width. How to modify its dimensions?

2011-05-05 Thread Paul Rubin
I'm not positive I understand your problem, but the following may help: 1. Labels (for cross-referencing) usually go in the table caption, although this is probably unrelated to your issue. 2. You can specify column widths by right-clicking a cell, choosing Settings..., entering a value in the

Re: caption in listings

2011-05-09 Thread Paul Rubin
Neal Becker ndbecker2 at writes: View source says: \begin{lstlisting}[caption={Inverse Parabolic Timing Interpolation},label={lis:Inverse-Parabolic- Timing},basicstyle= {\footnotesize},breaklines=true,float,frame=lines,language=Python] So, sounds like problem with lstlisting

Re: Borders disappear from multi-row cells

2011-05-14 Thread Paul Rubin
Uwe Stöhr uwestoehr at writes: I cannot find a bug. When I merge two cells, the middle border correctly disappears since it is now only one cell. Can you describe more detailed which cells I have to merge in your file and what borders incorrectly disappear? I can confirm the bug.

Re: Undefined control sequence

2011-05-18 Thread Paul Rubin
Sølvi s.n.missy at writes: And while I'm at it (sorry for asking another question in the same mail), can anyone explain why some of my cross references and references just turn out as question marks in the compiled pdf document? If you are using BibTeX, it's possible that something

Re: logo on front slide of beamer presentation

2011-05-23 Thread Paul Rubin
Marit Elisabeth Klemetsen maritklemetsen at writes: Do I need to install pgf? I hope I can avoid this. Yes, you will need to install the PGF LaTeX package. Paul

Re: page numbering question

2011-05-23 Thread Paul Rubin
Csikos Bela bcsikos425 at writes: Hello lyx users: My question is not specific to lyx but as I use lyx as a latex frontend I guess it is appropriate to ask it here. I would like to make a specific page numbering style in the footer, something like:

Re: bug in nested case environment?

2011-06-01 Thread Paul Rubin
It's a bug -- or at least undesired behavior. Don't have a fix off-hand, but if nobody beats me to it, I'll try to find one. Paul

Re: bug in nested case environment?

2011-06-03 Thread Paul Rubin
Ernesto, I have hacked versions of the theorem layouts that I think fix the problem (allowing you to nest up to four levels of Case environments). If you write me at rubin at msu dot edu and tell me which version of LyX you use, I'll send you the corresponding files and you can give them a try.

Re: Just getting started

2011-06-10 Thread Paul Rubin
Eric Weir eeweir at writes: The tutorial mentions a document, example_raw.lyx, to which I am to make corrections as I progress through the tutorial, but it doesn't say where it is and I can't find it. On Linux, look in /usr/share/lyx/examples. On Windows, look for the

Re: Adding a logo to beamer presentation

2011-06-15 Thread Paul Rubin
Liviu Andronic landronimirc at writes: Each Beamer theme is a collection of LaTeX commands, meaning that instead of using a given theme you could compile several commands (from different themes) that would give you the look you desire. I'd start with Beamer's documentation. I've

Re: Where to report Errors…

2011-06-18 Thread Paul Rubin
jezZiFeR jezzifer at writes: I could not find where to report it in the introduction, could you please tell me? The bug tracker is at (As I type this, is unresponsive, but hopefully it will return from its coffee break

Re: no classes available after installation of 1.6.10 and 2.0.0-3

2011-06-22 Thread Paul Rubin
Richard Heck rgheck at writes: WARNING: Latex not usable (not LaTeX2e) It's been a while since it's come up, but I believe that I've seen this error message on Windows machines with Cygwin installed. Cygwin ships with a latex.exe program that (at least in the past) gave LyX

Re: no classes available after installation of 1.6.10 and 2.0.0-3

2011-06-24 Thread Paul Rubin
When you successfully run latex at a command prompt, you are doing so with the limited rights account, correct? Am I correct in assuming that if you log in with the local admin account, LyX works correctly for you? One thing you might try is to delete the local LyX directory for the limited

Re: Image PDF output rescalling issues

2011-06-24 Thread Paul Rubin
Can you post a minimal example (single page document, one image), including the image file, here? That would help to sort out what you're seeing. Paul

Re: Can't convert

2011-06-24 Thread Paul Rubin
Just as an FYI, the Desktop path _does_ contain spaces if it is translated into an absolute path (it maps to C:\Documents and Settings\you\Desktop). Is it possible that your MiKTeX installation (I assume you are using MiKTeX) became borked during an upgrade? If you open a command prompt and run

Re: Empty output file?

2011-06-24 Thread Paul Rubin
Unknown unknown at unknown.invalid writes: File does not exist: /tmp/lyx_tmpdir.J10717/lyx_tmpbuf2/eugenio-24june2011.pdf All this means is that LaTeX failed to generate the PDF output file; it does not tell you why. After trying (and presumably failing) to view the PDF, look in Document

Re: Can't convert

2011-06-25 Thread Paul Rubin
Okay, this confirms that MiKTeX is correctly installed (still) and that it knows where the article class is located. The error messages you were getting about the article class not being available suggested a problem with MiKTeX -- either a borked installation or something knocking it off the

Re: Indent picture (only)

2011-06-25 Thread Paul Rubin
Dirk Heine dirk at writes: Dear list,I would like to move a picture horizontally to place it more leftwards (towards the page edge). While moving this picture I would like to leave the text of the document unchanged and also not move the picture vertically. So this would

Re: Indent picture (only)

2011-06-26 Thread Paul Rubin
Dirk Heine dirk at writes: Thanks for your reply. The picture is not a wrap float; it is a logo in a letter (g-brief-2) and positioned above the text. The picture's boundary is currently too far to the right and I would like to push it a bit leftwards (yes, somewhat

Re: no classes available after installation of 1.6.10 and 2.0.0-3

2011-06-29 Thread Paul Rubin
On 06/28/2011 03:54 AM, Matthias Hunstig wrote: It only partly worked for 1.6.10. I now have a very limited and to my eyes strange selection of classes available, the rest is still markes as unavailable; see attachment. In 2.0.0., there are still not classes available in the menu at all.

Re: Can't convert

2011-06-29 Thread Paul Rubin
On 06/29/2011 02:35 PM, William Hanson wrote: Richard, Paul, LyX Users, It's been over a week since I've been able to convert to finished text in either LyX 1.6.7 or 2.0.0 (using DVI or View). I've received many suggestions, for which I am grateful, but nothing has worked. Is there a way

Re: Noun (smallcaps) in Section title

2011-06-29 Thread Paul Rubin
Manolo Martínez manolo at writes: A quick question. If I use the Noun character style in a Section title, article(paper) ignores me and renders it in lowercase. Is there a way to override the style in this particular respect? Document classes frequently dictate the font

Re: Install lyx 2 in windows with 1.6.10

2011-07-08 Thread Paul Rubin
Waluyo Adi Siswanto was.uthm at writes: Is that possible to have lyx 2, while maintaining 1.6.10 in the machine. Yes. LyX 2 will install into a different directory than 1.6.10, and will use a different user directory, so I think there should be no collisions. I ran them in parallel

Re: # in URL cause compiling to hang

2011-07-09 Thread Paul Rubin
I just created a test doc (article class) in LyX 2.0, insert a URL (in a URL inset) containing a hash character (#), and it worked just fine in PDF output. Escaping it with a backslash caused problems. That said, if you replace the hash character with %23 in the URL, you get the same result, and

Re: changing top margin for one page only

2011-07-09 Thread Paul Rubin
Are you doing something to ensure that the minipages are at the top of the physical page? The only two ways I know off-hand to do that are to manually break the page immediately before them or to put them in a float. From your message, it does not sound as though you are breaking the page. One

Re: upgrade but keep customized stationery

2011-07-09 Thread Paul Rubin
David Bickel at writes: After upgrading from version 1.6 to 2.0 (Windows Vista), I no longer have access to the words the system recorded whenever I checked spelling and told it to Add a word it flagged as misspelled. I have no idea where those words were

Re: textpos in lyx

2011-07-19 Thread Paul Rubin
I tried this and the image appeared to be centered horizontally. If you are still having a problem with it, perhaps you can post a minimal example that demonstrates the problem. Paul

Re: LyX causes Acrobat Reader Freeze (?)

2011-07-21 Thread Paul Rubin
Liviu Andronic landronimirc at writes: I assume that this is on 2nd and subsequent compilations. When it is on the first compilation, acroread doesn't freeze, right? If this is the case, then it's a bug in acroread: it doesn't automatically reload a PDF document when it has been

Re: Instant preview with tikz?

2011-07-25 Thread Paul Rubin
Rainer M Krug r.m.krug at writes: I am using LyX 2.0.0, and I am wondering if I am doing something wrong, as I do not get instant preview working for the attached lyx file which contains a tikz graph wrapped in instant preview. Is it a problem on my side? (instant preview is

Re: How to find classes and styles Install of texlive installed in $HOME?

2011-07-28 Thread Paul Rubin
Rainer M Krug r.m.krug at writes: If I just could understand what these commands (texhash, mktexlsr, ..) are doing, then I would no why... I'm no TeXpert, but TeX maintains a database of package locations, which it uses when searching for a particular package. The texhash and

Re: Adding a custom class template

2011-08-01 Thread Paul Rubin
Maxim Lobovsky maxim.lobovsky at writes: The relevant files can be found attached to this forum post: That link gets me their version of a 404 error (The requested topic does not exist.). Did your dog by any

Re: Changing height of certain rows in a table

2011-08-01 Thread Paul Rubin
ChiPro chipro007 at writes: Hi, how does one change the height of a given row (over multiple columns) in a table (i.e. without changing the height for any other row)? Thanks. Help Embedded Objects section 2.12.1. Paul

Re: Problem with optional arguments on macros

2011-08-01 Thread Paul Rubin
Your test file compiled correctly for me every time I tried (multiple tries within one LyX session, multiple LyX sessions, exported to .tex and compiled outside LyX). Paul

Re: beamer handouts?

2011-08-06 Thread Paul Rubin
Ignacio Martinez ignacio at writes: I'm trying to create beamer handouts with lyx (in ubuntu 11.04). This is what I have in mind but i don't know where to copy the .sty file and if that is the only

Re: changing counter in enumeration environment

2011-08-08 Thread Paul Rubin
Richard Heck rgheck at writes: Is it possible to do this in lyx? The only way I found was to add die enumaration as plain latex (ERZ) and to use \setcounter{enumi}{2} the goal is: (3) first item (4) second item ... No, there's no way to do this directly in LyX. I

Re: Error reading theorem modules.

2011-08-08 Thread Paul Rubin
Rudi Gaelzer rgaelzer at writes: Is it possible that the texlive 2010 version in F15 is lacking the needed packages? I have the F14 version of texlive 2010 installed in another workstation and that works all right. I don't think so; the only packages by type uses are

Re: Can't export in PDF

2011-08-11 Thread Paul Rubin
Anaïs Maréchal anais.marechal at writes: Hi everybody,I don't know much on Lyx, I tried to search in the previous bug and on the web but no results.I installed Lyx 2.0.0 on my Windows 7 laptop. I wrote a text, and when I want to visualize it, I have an error (cannot find the

Re: listing package with multicol

2011-08-17 Thread Paul Rubin
Kulkarni Shantanu ml at writes: Hi, I have to split a program code (done using listing package)in 2 columns. The ways I have in mind are, - make minipage 50% of width - make a table with 2 colums - use multicol package Which of these is preferred? Or any

Re: how to write an Augmented Matrix

2011-08-21 Thread Paul Rubin
Here's a LyX file (including step by step instructions). Paul #LyX 2.0 created this file. For more info see \lyxformat 413 \begin_document \begin_header \textclass article \use_default_options true \maintain_unincluded_children false \language english \language_package

Re: Beamer

2011-08-23 Thread Paul Rubin
It looks as if you might have a problem with a hyperlink. Have you added any hyperlinks (beyond the navigational links that beamer provides automatically)? If so, you might try deleting them and see if that helps. Do you have the hyperref package installed (seems likely, but worth checking)?

Re: Beamer

2011-08-24 Thread Paul Rubin
It turns out this is a bug in the version of hyperref.sty that Jure is using ( Paul

Re: Lyx 2.0: can't open new files with Wordpad/Editor

2011-08-29 Thread Paul Rubin
Guest_NP bernd.kappenberg at writes: You mean filename.doc.lyx? No, I'm pretty sure Eberhard meant that 'doc' would be the document (file) name and 'lyx' the extension. Do your files actually have names with those two extensions (such as myfile.doc.lyx)? If so, how are they created?

Re: Can't Export PDF from LyX

2011-09-01 Thread Paul Rubin
Jane Shevtsov at writes: I just installed Lyx 2.0 (upgraded from 1.6 because of a problem I was having, although I used it successfully for quite a while) and I can't export any PDFs, although the message at the bottom says, Successful export to format: pdf2. So, despite

Re: Can't Export PDF from LyX

2011-09-02 Thread Paul Rubin
On 09/02/2011 01:24 PM, Jane Shevtsov wrote: On Thu, Sep 1, 2011 at 2:06 PM, Paul Rubin wrote: So, despite the message, the PDF file does not show up in the directory where the LyX doc lives? Try exporting and (with LyX still running) use

Re: Can't Export PDF from LyX

2011-09-02 Thread Paul Rubin
Jane Shevtsov at writes:  Look at the Edit menu. Second from the bottom it says, Reconfigure. Click on that, then exit LyX and restart it. When I did that, even the option of exporting a PDF disappeared.-- This is a game-changer. It suggests that there is a problem

Re: Can't Export PDF from LyX

2011-09-03 Thread Paul Rubin
On 09/03/2011 05:00 PM, Jane Shevtsov wrote: I successfully added the MiKTeX bin directory to the system path and exported a file. Running pdflatex gave this message: This is pdfTeX, Version 3.1415926-1.40.10 MiKTeX 2.8 initexmf.exe: No formats.ini exists. I can't find the default format

Re: Can't Export PDF from LyX

2011-09-03 Thread Paul Rubin
On 09/03/2011 05:18 PM, Jane Shevtsov wrote: There's only one version of the Settings application. When I tried what you described, I got the error message below. MiKTeX Problem Report Message: No formats.ini exists. Data: Source: Libraries\MiKTeX\Core\FormatInfo.cpp Line: 216 MiKTeX: 2.8

Re: Can't Export PDF from LyX

2011-09-03 Thread Paul Rubin
On 09/03/2011 06:10 PM, Jane Shevtsov wrote: No, I still get the error message saying formats.ini doesn't exist. I did a quick search and found a couple of posts (auf Deutsch, so it's a gamble whether I understood them correctly) by someone who experienced the same problem. If my very rusty

Re: Can't Export PDF from LyX

2011-09-03 Thread Paul Rubin
On 09/03/2011 06:46 PM, Jane Shevtsov wrote: On Sat, Sep 3, 2011 at 3:31 PM, Paul Rubin wrote: No need to uninstally LyX, but yes, I would uninstall MiKTeX. OK, even uninstalling doesn't work right. The error message says, The operation could

Re: Can't Export PDF from LyX

2011-09-04 Thread Paul Rubin
On 09/04/2011 05:09 PM, Jane Shevtsov wrote: The appropriate deities having been propitiated, I was able to uninstall MiKTeX and then install the latest version (the basic installation). I then successfully used pdflatex from the command prompt. Now, how do I connect LyX to the new MiKTeX

Re: Problem getting started -- cant find ecm fonts

2011-09-05 Thread Paul Rubin
This is a problem with either the DVI viewer or your LaTeX implementation; it is external to LyX. Judging by the error message, it appears that (a) you are on some flavor of Windows (happens to even the best of us at times) and (b) you are using TrueTeX rather than the more common (on Windows)

Re: Automatic math toolbar related

2011-09-06 Thread Paul Rubin
Joon Ro joonpyro at writes: I edit a document with a lot of math and I wish I can just have the toolbar on all the time. With the cursor _not_ in a math inset, go to the View Toolbars menu and click on Math Panels (auto), Math (auto) and any other toolbars you want to lock in

Re: PDF won't generate

2011-09-10 Thread Paul Rubin
Gabriel Hurley gabriel.hurley at writes: Windows 7. I am using 2.0.0 because 2.0.1 has not been released for Windows except through cygwin. And yes, it happens with every lyx file. 1. Can you find the LyX temporary directory? If so, after View PDF (pdflatex) and with LyX still

Re: visor LyX does not work

2011-09-10 Thread Paul Rubin
Eugenio Raliuga eufelyx at writes: After View PDF (and with LyX still running), use a terminal to check whether the temporary directory is there and, if so, whether the PDF output file is there. What are the results? Paul

Re: Two identical installations of LyX cannot read the same file. What is wrong?

2011-09-12 Thread Paul Rubin
Steve Litt slitt at writes: I had an almost identical problem a few months ago, on Ubuntu 11.04. In my case, the solution that fixed the problem was to uninstall LyX through Synaptic, download the latest stable LyX from, and then install it the old fashioned

Re: Unable to install MikTex with Lyx 2.0

2011-09-13 Thread Paul Rubin
Christian Wilhelmsen christian.wilhelmsen87 at writes: 16:42:41.743: (buffer-view: Ctrl+R) 16:42:41.798: pdflatex file.tex 16:42:41.868: This is pdfTeX, Version 3.1415926-1.40.11 (MiKTeX 2.9) 16:42:42.829: (Fatal format file error; I'm stymied)

Re: pdflatex never finishes (LyX 2.0.1)

2011-09-14 Thread Paul Rubin
It would be a good idea to export a file to LaTeX (pdflatex), then run pdflatex against it in a DOS window. That might help pin down whether there are problems with your LaTeX (MiKTeX?) distribution. Paul

Re: Xy-pic command doesn't seem to work

2011-09-14 Thread Paul Rubin
Alberto Alcalá Alvarez albertoalcala at writes: \xymatrix { B \ar {--} [r] R} does something like       B^[r]     R You need an ampersand (@) immediately before the braces: \xymatrix {B \ar@{--}[r] R} See section 3.4.1 of the XY-pic manual (in the Help menu). Paul

Re: Completely removing LyX and MikTeX from Windows XP [was RE: pdflatex never finishes (LyX 2.0.1)]

2011-09-15 Thread Paul Rubin
Matthias Hunstig matthias.hunstig at writes: If there anything I should delete after uninstalling the software from the Windows XP Control Panel to end up with a clean system? On Windows XP, look in C:\Documents and Settings\your id\Application Data and delete any folders

Re: Updating to new Texlive release

2011-09-15 Thread Paul Rubin
In LyX, could Tools Preferences Paths PATH prefix be pointing to the old version? Paul

Re: Underbar and math display style

2011-09-21 Thread Paul Rubin
Paul Smith phhs80 at writes: On Wed, Sep 21, 2011 at 10:20 AM, Paul Smith phhs80 at wrote: Write a short paragraph, select it and add an underbar to it. Afterwards, introduce a formula in display style -- you will not be able of compiling your document. (Please, see

Re: Lyx Windows - Linux Compatibility

2011-09-28 Thread Paul Rubin
In addition to missing packages (which has already been mentioned), it is sometimes the case that different versions of the same package are installed under Linux and Windows. Updating the older package to the newer version (on whichever machine has the older version) usually cures problems of

Re: [OT] Fonts in TeXLive/DVI/Evince

2011-10-09 Thread Paul Rubin
Guenter Milde milde at writes: On 2011-10-06, Paul A Rubin wrote: Hi all, Not sure where the culprit is, but if I use \neq in a math formula in LyX with TeXLive 2010 and Evince as the document viewer, it shows up as an equal sign. Viewing in PDF is fine, Could

Re: [OT] Fonts in TeXLive/DVI/Evince

2011-10-10 Thread Paul Rubin
Guenter Milde milde at writes: You might try installing/using a dedicated DVI viewer for the quick preview. Thanks Guenter. I'll definitely try a new viewer. Paul

Re: A Lyx-beamer question

2011-10-10 Thread Paul Rubin
Murat Yildizoglu myildi at wrote: Is there a way to catch back my initial trick (putting it only once for all slides)? Why what I put in the preamble is not used during the compilation (means that, I imagine, something else in the template reverses it)? Murat Does it work if

Re: LyX slowness

2011-10-13 Thread Paul Rubin
For what it's worth, I have LyX installed on three machines (Dell desktop, Dell laptop, Acer desktop). All run Linux Mint with the Gnome desktop. The Dells are both Intel 32; the Acer is AMD 64. Both desktops have nVidia displays with nVidia proprietary drivers. I'm not sure about the laptop,

Re: Beamer and greyed-out items

2011-10-18 Thread Paul Rubin
Julio Rojas jcredberry at writes: Dear all. In a beamer presentation I would like to have greyed-out items after a pause environment. Right now they do not appear until it is their turn to appear. For me it is easier to know in advance what are the items I'm going to talk about in

Re: Need LyX 1.6.10 Configuration file for Windows 32 bit

2011-10-21 Thread Paul Rubin
Assuming you use MiKTeX, your DVI viewer should be yap. Try exporting a test document to DVI and preview it with yap to verify that yap works. Also, if yap is not on the system command path, try adding it to the path and then reconfigure LyX. Paul

Re: Alignment in arrays

2009-11-18 Thread Paul Rubin
David B wrote: Hi When I create a display equation with an array in it Lyx generates the following latex code: \[ \begin{array}{cc} asdasd fff\\ asda asf\end{array}\] I however want the alignment in my cells to be different from centered. How do I change the alignment of the cells from

Re: EPS files not displaying in PDF

2010-02-15 Thread Paul Rubin
Todd Salamon tsala...@... writes: I am running Lyx 1.5.7 on Windows XP SP2 with MiKTeX 2.5 installed. I have a document with PDF and EPS files for figures. The preview shows both, but when I try View - PDF (pdflatex) the resulting PDF file only includes the PDF images, and the EPS files

Re: EPS files not displaying in PDF

2010-02-15 Thread Paul Rubin
Todd Salamon tsala...@... writes: I have ImageMagick 6.2.9 Q16 installed. What happens if, in a command window (DOS prompt), you run 'convert whatever.eps whatever.pdf' against one of your EPS files? I'm wondering if maybe there's something in them that is causing ImageMagick heartburn.

Re: stdsections changes not reflected

2010-02-17 Thread Paul Rubin
John White j...@... writes: There is simply too much space between sections and subsections. I moved to my home directory, put it in ./lyx/layouts but changes to TopSep, BottomSep and ParSep are not recognized after reconfigure. ... and exit/restart LyX? The reconfigure

Re: extra space in bibliography list

2010-02-24 Thread Paul Rubin
Sajjad dosto.wa...@... writes: Hello forum, Please go to the following page As you can see that i am inserting bibliography and when i am preview them in pdf i get these extra spaces instead of single space between words. How do i

Re: lyx and beamer class

2010-03-03 Thread Paul Rubin
Giovanni Bacci s206...@... writes: Hi all! I'm trying to do a presentation with the beamer class inside LyX. I'd like to pass an option to the itemize environment. In plain latex: \begin{itemize}[+-] It's possible to do this directly in LyX, without writing all the itemize code in an

Re: how to vary the spacing between paragraphs?

2010-03-04 Thread Paul Rubin
Richard Brown rich...@... writes: I don't seem to be able to vary the distance between paragraphs. I'm sure there must be a way. Grateful for pointers. In one specific spot: Insert Formatting Vertical Space. Globally, adjust the \parskip length in the preamble (see, for instance,

Re: Install Custom Document Class In Debian Linux

2010-03-09 Thread Paul Rubin
Jamie jsch...@... writes: When I try to open my paper, I get the message: The document class nuthesis could not be found. A default textclass with default layouts will be used. LyX might not be able to produce output unless a correct textclass is selected from the document settings dialog.

Re: problem on the key binding

2010-03-13 Thread Paul Rubin
Zeng Weiliang willie.z...@... writes: Dear All, I use lyx for a long time, but a problem on the key binding bothers me a lot. I like the bind style of emacs. However, when I use the key like Alt+F for the word forward and Alt+D for the word delete, it always gets the menu of File and

Re: permanent, global [basicstyle={\scriptsize}] ?

2010-03-15 Thread Paul Rubin
bb bblo...@... writes: Is there any possibilty tro change this global for the complete document, eventually with a simple entry in the Latex start code? I tried some variants but had no success. The problem is, that the entry of the scriptsize is after the begin tag:

Re: caption

2010-03-16 Thread Paul Rubin
Ville Iiskola iisk...@... writes: Hi! I have to get two pictures next to each other and write a caption below both of them.. How is that possible? Ville Single caption spanning two pictures: create a picture float, insert the images side-by-side, fill in the caption as normal.

Re: Suppressing page numbers in lyx 1.6.5

2010-03-17 Thread Paul Rubin
Jim Rockford jim.rockfo...@... writes: I'm running Lyx on Windoze 7 (64bit). I was under the impression that the following document style setting will suppress page numbers: Document -- Settings -- Page Layout -- Headings Style -- empty However, in the single-page document (article

Re: Numbered equation shortcut broken?

2010-03-26 Thread Paul Rubin
Tim Wescott t...@... writes: I type ctrl-shift-M and I get an unnumbered, separate equation. I type ctrl-M and I get an in-line equation. But when I type ctrl-alt-M I get absolutely nothing at all. Selecting Insert-Math-Numbered equations works, but it's tedious. Lyx 1.6.4 on

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