Re: Thesis formatting problems, need help

2006-03-13 Thread Richard Heck
The answers to a lot of these questions can be found in /The LaTeX Companion/ or /A Guide to LaTeX/. All of these are LaTeX issues and have nothing much to do with Lyx. How LaTeX typesets things is controlled by the class and style files you load, and it uses complicated algorithms to decide

Re: Find and Replace with italic word

2006-03-24 Thread Richard Heck
Well, one thing you can do is export the document as Latex, run your awk script, and then import it back into Lyx. I've done that kind of thing myself to make much more complicated sorts of changes. E.g., I'm working on a book that involves a fair bit of mathematics, and I had a lot of

Re: Question about Bibtex - which is the best GUI?

2006-03-30 Thread Richard Heck
, but still works reasonably well. Richard Heck Tim Vaughan wrote: Hi, I plan on using Bibtex to handle the citations needed for a series of essays I am writing. I have come across two Java GUIs, JabRef and Bib-it and an OS X one, BibDesk. I'm happy to try them all out but I was wondering if people

Re: Question about Bibtex - which is the best GUI?

2006-03-30 Thread Richard Heck
I'd encourage everyone who's had this problem with non-ascii characters to submit bug reports. It is the ambition of most open source projects to be internationalized, but I have the sense that people are still getting up to speed with unicode. I know that, even for my own small projects, I still

Re: Different fonts in LyX 1.3.4

2006-03-31 Thread Richard Heck
You need to install the TrueType font you're trying to use into LaTeX before you can use it. There are several guides for doing so on the web, e.g.: Try a google search for more. Are you sure the glyph you want to use isn't available already? Richard

Re: page break and numbering issues

2006-04-01 Thread Richard Heck
You can download the paper class from Info about how to install it in LaTeX and then get LyX to recognize it is in Ch 5 of the Customization manual. The koma-script article class may also serve you well. It's very customizable. If

Re: Easy way to get the page number top right

2006-04-05 Thread Richard Heck
The way to do this kind of thing is to redefine the chapter start macro from the class file. Here's what that macro looks like in my version of book.cls: [EMAIL PROTECTED] \thispagestyle{plain}% [EMAIL PROTECTED]@ [EMAIL PROTECTED] [EMAIL PROTECTED]@schapter} What's causing the page number to

Re: Easy way to get the page number top right

2006-04-05 Thread Richard Heck
is shown top right too. Is there any possibility to show only the page number on this page? -- Joachim Richard Heck wrote: The way to do this kind of thing is to redefine the chapter start macro from the class file. Here's what that macro looks like in my version of book.cls: [EMAIL

Re: Linking referencing

2006-04-08 Thread Richard Heck
john wrote: On Fri, Apr 07, 2006 at 04:07:42PM -0700, Nick Kuzmik wrote: Can I use Lyx's label and cross reference features across different documents? If you have a master document A that includes subdocuments B and C then when you typeset A cross references between these three

Re: horizontal line above and below titel-environment

2006-04-12 Thread Richard Heck
Well, one cheap way to do it is to put ERT in the title, e.g.: \hrulefill \\ This is the Title \\ \hrulefill That gives me lines above and below. They're not spaced very well, but that could be resolved. I believe there's also a package that allows such customization. Richard

Re: Simple question - howto enter macro w/args

2006-04-14 Thread Richard Heck
In Lyx 1.3.x, you can do this by typing \[ and then \{. Oddly enough, escaping them yourself makes Lyx not escape them! Neal Becker wrote: I want to enter the latex command: \unit[N]{symbols} in mathed. How do I do it? Simply typing this in doesn't work. The '{' is interpreted as a literal

Re: Eszett

2006-04-19 Thread Richard Heck
Maria Gouskova wrote: This is an inconsistency with many of the symbol commands. For example, \textglotstop for the glottal stop character (in TIPA) needs to be followed by a space or {}, but \textipa{?} does not, since it has brackets. Accented characters, on the other hand, work without a

Re: Find and replace in ERT

2006-04-27 Thread Richard Heck
I think so: FR doesn't work inside ERT, so far as I know. If you want to do that kind of thing, try opening the LyX file in a pure text editor and making the changes there. You need to be careful not to mess up the format of the file, though. Another option is to LaTeX, make your changes to that,

Re: pushing references to LyX with lyxpipe

2006-05-02 Thread Richard Heck
It works fine under LyX on Linux. Great, actually. The problem here is that there are no named pipes under Windows, which is what LyX uses to communicate with the outside world. (These are things that look like files but aren't really files at all: Programs can write into them and other programs

Open File in Running Instance of LyX, If One Exists

2006-05-02 Thread Richard Heck
Here's a little script I wrote that some other people may find useful. I got annoyed after a while that, if I double-clicked on a LyX file in my file manager, it would launch a new instance of LyX rather than open the file in the old one. I figured there had to be some way to deal with this

Re: pushing references to LyX with lyxpipe

2006-05-02 Thread Richard Heck
Michael Abshoff wrote: Hello, It works fine under LyX on Linux. Great, actually. The problem here is that there are no named pipes under Windows, I disagree with you on that one. See Whoops!

Re: help with titlesec package

2006-05-03 Thread Richard Heck
Marcelo Acuña wrote: Hello, I am using titlesec package for customize titles, and I want to use it for replace fancy package in header and footer because this package have an error. But I don´t know how to use titlesec for this. Doc that became with package is very difficult. I need put a

Re: help with titlesec package

2006-05-07 Thread Richard Heck
Marcelo Acuña wrote: I think something close to what you want to do is also done in titlesec.tex, I can get only titlesec.dvi Check You can get titlesec.tex there. You might try something like: \renewpagestyle{headings}[OPTIONAL]{ \headrule

Re: cv - another try

2006-05-12 Thread Richard Heck
These kinds of custom-formatting issues always concern LaTeX, not LyX. But that said, yes, it's feasible, which is not to say that it is easy to do. One option (maybe a bit of a hack) would be to use a minipage for the contact details, creating the separation line with a \rule. Getting the rule

Re: page margins

2006-05-13 Thread Richard Heck
Define a \newpagestyle that sets the margins and such as you want them for that page. Then, at the beginning of that page: \thispagestyle{whatever}. See for information on margin setup. It's possible you can also use the geometry package to do

Re: bibtex styles

2006-05-13 Thread Richard Heck
These errors are being thrown by LaTeX. In such cases, it is always helpful to export to LaTeX, compile manually, and look at the LaTeX source to see what the problem is. [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi! I need to add new BibTeX sryles to that already integrated in Lyx. How can I do that? I

Re: Change title labels

2006-05-16 Thread Richard Heck
The titlesec package does this kind of thing pretty well. I expect it works with the koma-script classes, but I don't know that for sure. david wrote: Dear list I'm using the article (koma-script) class and I need to change the title-labeling as followed: 1 Section (ending with no dot)

Re: Basic layout questions

2006-05-26 Thread Richard Heck
Packages like titlesec and tocloft should handle this. Jerome Tuncer wrote: Hello list, Here I am, back with my layout beginner questions. Is there a way I can have my appendixes to actually show that they are appendixes besides being numbererd by letters instead of actual numbers? Such

Re: Help regarding lyx (AND BUG?)

2006-06-07 Thread Richard Heck
TO LYX MAINTAINERS: It does not work to put the above command in the preamble. I'd count that as a bug. (This is true both in 1.3.7 and in 1.4.1.) The reason seems to be that the babel package is loaded only after the rest of the preamble has been. Richard Heck

Re: Hacking bst files... [Was: Show entry type in References]

2006-06-07 Thread Richard Heck
One of the things I personally find annoying about LaTeX is the syntax, and BibTeX is even worse, frankly, but it's not that insanely complicated once you adjust to the stack-oriented character of the language. You may find it useful to keep pen and paper nearby so you can keep track of what's on

Re: LyX Title environment

2006-06-14 Thread Richard Heck
What you put in the title environment becomes a \title command. (See the file: The LatexType for Title is: Command.) So you end up with \title{Whatever} in the LaTeX file. This seems to do little more than set [EMAIL PROTECTED] to whatever, and then that variable is used in

Re: Subtitles

2006-06-15 Thread Richard Heck
There's a difference here between \maketitle and [EMAIL PROTECTED], at least if you're modifying one of the existing classes. The former is defined using \newcommand, but the latter is defined using \def. It'd be nice if someone could explain why. Richard Steve Litt wrote: On Thursday 15 June

Re: Bibliography Style apalike

2006-06-16 Thread Richard Heck
Look at the file apalike.bst, which will tell you want fields are defined. (There is no field translator, by the way.) And you can use apalike2, if you wish. Just hit the browse button in the dialog where you choose a bibliography style, and then go find the file apalike2.bst. It is, by the way,

Re: Bibliography Style apalike

2006-06-16 Thread Richard Heck
find the file apalike2.bst. do you mean find it in my tex installation or find it on the web and donwnload it? What field would normally be used for additional information -- translator, privately published, an add-on to the title, etc? Bruce On Jun 16, 2006, at 1:58 PM, Richard Heck wrote

Re: Confused about Lyx's goals -- isn't this supposed to increase productivity?

2006-06-19 Thread Richard Heck
TeX coding to do that. But I expect again that this will happen, as more people in the humanities discover the advantages of LyX and LaTeX. I'm working on one such problem myself already. Richard Heck Jeremy Wells wrote: For some time I have been evaluating Lyx as an academic word processor

Re: Easing the editing/correction of LyX documents

2006-06-19 Thread Richard Heck
When I'm doing close editing, I View DVI and switch back and forth between the DVI viewer and LyX. LyX now has a feature that allows you the DVI viewer effectively to inform LyX what you want to edit, and LyX will then go there automatically. I've not used that yet, however, as I can always just

Re: Italics in bibtex record

2006-06-26 Thread Richard Heck
Charles de Miramon wrote: Declan O'Byrne wrote: I'm using pybliographic to manage bibliography. Some titles I have quote book titles, and those words should be italicised. Is there any way to italicise these words either manually, or to mark those words as a book title (in such a way that

Re: citation prefix

2006-06-26 Thread Richard Heck
Rich Shepard wrote: On Mon, 26 Jun 2006, Miki Dovrat wrote: I am interested in writing text before and after a bibtex citation, like: [1] See, for example, some article reference and references therein. [2] For an exellent review, see this reference. Perhaps I don't understand your

What's on YOUR BibTeX Wish List?

2006-06-26 Thread Richard Heck
In a recent thread, there was some discussion about inadequacies of standard BibTeX styles, especially as regards work in the humanities. Having a little time free, I decided to educate myself as much as possible about BibTeX styles and see what I could do. To this point, I have a working

Re: bibtex my.bst

2006-06-26 Thread Richard Heck
Wolfgang Engelmann wrote: ...[T]he dbj file is confusing for the unexperienced. For instance, where is the line which selects for article Title. Journal I have now Title Journal (without .) Same with book or for incollection: In: editors (capital and :) instead of in editors There

Re: Help with Bibliography for book class

2006-06-28 Thread Richard Heck
LB wrote: I'm using document class book(mwbk) with Lyx 1.4.1 on Win XP. The latex forces the bibliography to start on a new page, as it supposed to do. However, I would like to have the bibliography to start immediately after the text. I have tried different, but not all, bibliography styles

Re: Change the Chapter font and spacing

2006-06-29 Thread Richard Heck
have a look at the titlesec package. Luqman H wrote: hi, i'm using report (koma-script) doc class, i want to change the chapter font to the same font as report doc class. and also i want to decrease the spacing before and after the chapter is written.. how to do that ? thanks...

Re: Wiki idea

2006-07-10 Thread Richard Heck
I think that'd be an excellent idea. Paul A. Rubin wrote: Would the academics on the list be willing to contribute to a Wiki page that paired journals with BibTeX style files that conformed to those journals (possibly including custom styles contributed by the writers)? /Paul

Re: New BibTeX Style

2006-07-10 Thread Richard Heck
Use your file-search tool to find alpha.bst. Or try kpsewhich alpha.bst. You can put your bst files in roughly the same place and then run texhash, or whatever the equivalent update the tex directory structure command is on the Mac. Even better is to create a local tex directory structure

Re: New BibTeX Style

2006-07-10 Thread Richard Heck
Rich Shepard wrote: On Mon, 10 Jul 2006, Bruce Pourciau wrote: ...[D]o I have to do anything else to get that style file to show up in the drop-down list of styles in LyX? (I have been unable to find even the existing .bst files that must have come with my TeX installation.) Run 'locate .bst'

Re: New BibTeX Style

2006-07-10 Thread Richard Heck
[EMAIL PROTECTED] getfiles]$ kpsewhich heck.bst /home/rgheck/texmf/bibtex/bst/base/heck.bst [EMAIL PROTECTED] getfiles]$ I'll file the bug report. Georg Baum wrote: Richard Heck wrote: This doesn't work for me. I've got heck.bst in my local TeX tree, and working with TeX, but it does

Re: New BibTeX Style

2006-07-11 Thread Richard Heck
styles. Richard Jean-Marc Lasgouttes wrote: Richard == Richard Heck [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: Richard I'll file the bug report. I did not follow this thread closely. Did you run ToolsTeX informationsRescan? JMarc

Re: New BibTeX Style

2006-07-11 Thread Richard Heck
Yes, problem solved. I've updated bugzilla and marked the bug as WORKSFORME. Do you want me to file a new one, as a feature request? Georg Baum wrote: Richard Heck wrote: No, I had not, and wasn't aware of the need to do so. I had thought Reconfigure would take care of that kind of thing

Re: Adding an abstract section into a book class

2006-07-13 Thread Richard Heck
Isaac Pante wrote: I want to insert an abstract of my work in my document. Is there a way to use the abstract environment into a document created with the class book? No: The abstract environment does not exist in the book class. (It does exist in amsbook.) Of course, you can define such an

Re: bib to bbl

2006-07-17 Thread Richard Heck
Basically, what you need to do is run LaTeX manually instead of letting LyX do it for you. Detailed instructions follow. Let's say your LyX file is /home/you/doc.lyx. Open it in LyX and export your LyX document as LaTeX (FileExportLaTeX). It will turn up as /home/you/doc.tex. Open a terminal and

Re: bib to bbl

2006-07-17 Thread Richard Heck
You have to run latex once on the tex file to create the aux file. BibTeX reads the aux file to find out what references exist in the document. Richard Bruce Pourciau wrote: Actually, I'm told I should run BibTeX on my source tex file, but when I do what I think this means, with a small test

Re: Links for tools for working with PDFs

2006-07-19 Thread Richard Heck
The PDF toolkit is a good place to start for Linux: There are also Windows and Mac packages. Richard Rudi Gaelzer wrote: Very interesting, but what about linux? Is there any tool (or collection of tools) that offer the same options for linux? On Wednesday

Re: Prouncing LyX - help with sound file

2006-07-19 Thread Richard Heck
for such speakers. Richard Heck

Re: Label in User-Defined Environment

2006-07-20 Thread Richard Heck
Does he want automatically to have the label created every time he creates the environment? Or does he just want to put a label in it manually, after he creates it, so he can cross-reference to it? If the latter, it's trivial: Just put the label there. You can do this, for example, with the lemma

Layout Idea

2006-07-20 Thread Richard Heck
You know what would be really cool? To be able to include in the definition of a layout environment something like this: LyxCommand label-insert For:#0 with the result that such a label was automatically created from an optional argument. Now that would rock! Richard

Re: Label in User-Defined Environment

2006-07-20 Thread Richard Heck
}% }% } {% \end{list} } %End Formula environment \newrefformat{For}{(\ref{#1})} EndPreamble End Richard Heck

Re: Digit Lost in References

2006-07-20 Thread Richard Heck
My guess would be that the bibliography style expects years to be four characters long, so you're losing the first character. But the solution is simple: In the .bib file, you can just have both papers be 2005. BibTeX will sort out the a and b for you automagically. Richard Bruce Pourciau

Re: is it easy to write in theorem environment and ref to a theorem?

2006-07-20 Thread Richard Heck
Why don't you just use the Theorem environment (say), selectable from the drop box in the upper left hand corner (assuming you are using a document class that makes it available) and then use math mode (Ctrl-M)? Then you can enter the label as normal. I'm attaching a short example file. Richard

Re: can't install lyx

2006-07-20 Thread Richard Heck
*** * So I tried with YUM: *** $ yum install lyx Error: Missing Dependency: xorg-x11-libs = 6.8.2-31 is needed by package xorg-x11 Error: Missing Dependency: xorg-x11-libs = 6.8.2-31 is needed by package xorg-x11-devel Error: Missing Dependency: xorg-x11-libs = 6.8.2-31 is needed

Re: Print Lyx ERT code, note, comments, etc...

2006-07-20 Thread Richard Heck
How about a screenshot? Wolfgang Lasch wrote: Hello I would like to have a printout of a LyX file as it is seen in the LyX editor window. So all my open ERT, math, notes, comments, etcpp should be on the printout. For a documentation I'm working on I would like to show the look of LyX

Re: how to sort the environments in the upper left corner pull down menu?

2006-07-20 Thread Richard Heck
Rich Shepard wrote: On Thu, 20 Jul 2006, Bo Peng wrote: You can not control the order of the environment. The ui files are for menu and toolbars only. I was proposing some sort of order, but gave up after a few email exchanges... You may search the archive for this. Unless the sequence was

Re: Doublespacing footnotes

2006-07-22 Thread Richard Heck
Try the setspace package or try something like \renewcommand{\baselinestretch}{2.0}. If you do the latter, you apparently have to issue some font-size changing command to make it take effect. So you may have to do e.g. \Large\Normal. See /Latex Companion/, 3.1.13. Richard Patrick Lam wrote:

Re: supressing the section header for the bibliography

2006-07-22 Thread Richard Heck
This can be done if you are using natbib as follows: \renewcommand{\bibsection}{\section*{CUSTOM HEADER}} where of course \section* can be replaced by \subsection or whatever you wish. If you're not using natbib, then it's a lot more complicated. You'll need to look at the class file for whatever

Re: numerical references and hyphenation

2006-07-26 Thread Richard Heck
Have a look at the unsrt styles. I think that's what you're wanting. André Rygh wrote: I am using Lyx 1.4.2 under windows and a standard tau.bib file I have editet to suit my references. For some reason the bibliography will not show in up numerical order as used in the text, but seems like

Re: change vertical space before and after displaymath

2006-07-27 Thread Richard Heck
Yes, but this is apparently somewhat complicated if you really want to get it right. It's covered in section 8.2.10 of /The Latex Companion/. Richard Robert Neumann wrote: hello, is there a way to change the vertical distance before and after a mathematical formula in the

Re: Page break bug?

2006-07-31 Thread Richard Heck
It looks to me as if there is a problem with page size in your viewer. Check that you are viewing pages of the same size you are outputing. Reinhard Mayr aka Czerwinski wrote: Hello, actually this should not be, but it seems as if TeX sometimes forgets to break my pages properly ... (see

Re: chapterbib example

2006-08-02 Thread Richard Heck
It's discussed in section 12.6 of /The LaTeX Companion/. Richard Rainer M Krug wrote: Hi is there anywhere an example on how to use chapterbib? I don't seem to be able to get it to work and I need Bibliographies per chapter (each chapter in an included sub-document) Thanks Rainer

Re: toc formating

2006-08-04 Thread Richard Heck
You can't put a \chapter or \addtocomments command in your preamble. That's why you're getting the error. These commands go in the document itself. What you want to do here, I think, is put \addtocontents{toc}{\protect\mbox{}\protect\hrulefill\par} as ERT immediately following the chapter

Re: Composing a letter with Header/Footer

2006-08-06 Thread Richard Heck
Yes, it's true: the \opening macro in letter.cls includes: \thispagestyle{firstpage} or \thispagestyle{empty}, depending upon whether \fromaddress is empty. However, one simple solution, I believe, would be declare, just after \opening, \thispagestyle{fancy} in ERT. Exactly where this should be

Re: how to make the math symbol panels always appear?

2006-08-06 Thread Richard Heck
[I]s a way to make math symbol panels always appear as a toolbar in the toolbar areas of the LyX GUI window? Many other editing software display math symbol panels as a horizontal bar on the toolbar area so it is easily accessible. Currently in LyX I have to right click in the math equation

Re: Equation numbering

2006-08-07 Thread Richard Heck
Use the remreset package, available on CTAN. Mike Reeks wrote: Any idea how to change Eqn numbering from numbering by section to absolute numbering? Mike

Re: Equation numbering

2006-08-09 Thread Richard Heck
I'm confused about what you want. Do you want the equations to be numbered consecutively throughout the document and NOT to be reset in each section? If so, then the only way to do this, short of modifying the document class directly, is to use the remreset (or removefr) package, since there is

Re: Equation numbering

2006-08-14 Thread Richard Heck
{\theequation}{\arabic{equation}} in my preamble will automatically be recognized. Anyway no point in installing remreset twice. Any thoughts on why it's not working. Do I need to declare the use of remreset.sty anywhere? Best Mike From: Richard Heck [mailto:[EMAIL

Re: Appendix numbering scheme for equations

2006-08-21 Thread Richard Heck
ERT at the beginning of the appendix: \setcounter{equation}{0} \renewcommand{\theequation}{A.\arabic{equation}} I think the first line is right, but you'll know what to do if it's not. Richard Tomás Revilla wrote: Could someone please point me how to get numbered equations in the

Re: Abstract Page Numbering and Separate Chapter Numbering

2006-08-25 Thread Richard Heck
Chris Share wrote: I have two questions: 1. My document consists of a main file and separate files for each chapter. All files are reports. I realise that in a report class an abstract appears without a page number. How can I force a page number to appear on the abstract page/s? Try ERT:

Re: More Page Numbering Questions

2006-08-28 Thread Richard Heck
Most of that should happen automatically, if you are generating the list of tables and such automatically. LaTeX itself distinguishes front matter from main matter. So there shouldn't be any need to have a list of tables in a separate file. That ought simply to be generated for you. That said,

Re: jabref and lyx

2006-09-07 Thread Richard Heck
Wolfgang Engelmann wrote: sorry for a slightly off-topic question: I am using jabref for entering references in my lyx file. Some of the author entrances in the bib-file are embraced by {author} and listed separately from the non-embraced author entrances, which I do not want. example:

Re: jabref and lyx

2006-09-07 Thread Richard Heck
Dominik Waßenhoven wrote: I just looked into it again. If you don't need the double braces, JabRef offers an option to automatically remove them when you load a file. In German it's Optionen - Einstellungen - Beim Laden doppelte geschweifte Klammern um BibTeX-Felder entfernen. If you activate

Re: Filename in document

2006-09-08 Thread Richard Heck
Susanne Gütter wrote: I have many files, which I print and after a few weeks, I have work to find the corresponding files, if I don't label my papers manually. Is there any way to label it not manually (like it is possible in other office-programms) ? There probably is some LaTeX command

Re: Chapter title without 'Chapter'

2006-09-15 Thread Richard Heck
Look at the titlesec or tocloft package. These allow easy customization of this kind of thing. [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I am writing a document as a book. I need to insert a Chapter but I do not want the 'Chapter 5' (for example) to be printed at the top of the first page of the chapter.

Re: changing bibliography style in layouts

2006-09-19 Thread Richard Heck
I'm not sure I understand what it is you want to do. Do you want LyX to export \usepackage{oxon} instead of \usepackage{natbib}? Or do you just want to use oxon.sty with natbib the way you might use, say, apalike.sty with natbib? Richard Luis Rivera wrote: Hello, I wrote my own bibliography

Replacing Natbib with Custom BibStyle (WAS: changing bibliography style in layouts)

2006-09-19 Thread Richard Heck
Luis Rivera wrote: Richard Heck [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: I'm not sure I understand what it is you want to do. Do you want LyX to export \usepackage{oxon} instead of \usepackage{natbib}? Indeed, this is what I'm trying to do. The main problem is that I redefined some commands from

Re: Help: Multiple entries in author-year citation

2006-09-20 Thread Richard Heck
reference formats, and insert three separate references with author and year /but no parentheses/. Then insert the parentheses yourself around the three references. Richard Heck Johannes Urpelainen wrote: Hi, I'm using LyX for social scientific articles, and I can't find a way to include

Upload Password?

2006-09-21 Thread Richard Heck
Can someone let me know the upload password for the wiki? I want to post some spam. ;-)

Wiki Tips Page Re-formatted

2006-09-21 Thread Richard Heck
the various tips pages and checking on the categories. Richard Heck

Re: Numbering in Questions and Answers section

2006-09-25 Thread Richard Heck
I'd define two new counters that are reset within chapters: \newcounter{answer}[chapter] \newcounter{question}[chapter] Then you can define an environment or command that uses these counters and automatically prints the counter number in whatever format you want, e.g.: \arabic{answer}. How

Re: Problems with Bibtex in Lyx

2006-09-26 Thread Richard Heck
all the references right. You don't need the extensions here. So it's not: latex yourfile.tex but just: latex yourfile and particularly: bibtex yourfile You're likely to see errors. These should tell you what's wrong. Richard Heck

Re: Problems with Bibtex in Lyx

2006-09-26 Thread Richard Heck
(at least in a German environment) as it rests in something like .../Dokumente und Einstellungen/.../Temp. Also MikTex uses spaces in its default path (so that my *.bst files where at C:\Programme\MiKTeX 2.5\bibtex\bst ), even though it is known to cause some problems. Stefan Richard Heck

Re: Remove table of contents''s name in the last empty page

2006-09-28 Thread Richard Heck
I'm guessing the empty page is due to the first chapter's starting on an odd page, so that LaTeX needs to insert a page to get to an odd page. I'd suggest redefining your page style for the TOC. You've presumably already done that once---defined \lhead and the rest. Just define these right

Re: copy and paste does not work well

2006-09-28 Thread Richard Heck
Try using the middle mouse button to paste. kaktux wrote: hi there, i am using kubuntu dapper drake with lyx 1.4.2 my problem is: i can copy and paste in lyx documents - but when i select something in another application (firefox, thunderbird, kate, openoffice, etc.) and want to paste

Re: View menu or Document menu

2006-09-29 Thread Richard Heck
add Submenu Windows|W windows where you want it to appear. If you mess up, just re-copy the stdmenus.ui from the original location. By the way, is the exact syntax of these ui files documented somewhere? I mean, besides the source? Richard Heck

Re: two questions on numbering - NEWBIE

2007-11-07 Thread Richard Heck
Yitzhak Zangi wrote: I'm answering my exercises in LyX to get used to it. I use the heb-article document class and I have to questions: 1) How to number the paragrphs without order (e.g. answer question 2 before question 1) such that the paragraphs will look like in the Enumarate environment?

Re: Roman enumerated list layout style

2007-11-07 Thread Richard Heck
Ernesto Posse wrote: Hi. I have written a new layout style for writing enumerated lists using roman numerals. However I have a problem. While the generated document, correctly renders the roman numerals, they do not appear in the LyX interface. The layout code is below. I thought the problem

Re: Select Branch from Command line?

2007-11-07 Thread Richard Heck
Ethan Metsger wrote: Hi, all. I have a quick question. I've been developing a bit of documentation for one of our products using LyX. It's a small project, and I'm hoping to spur adoption of LyX by demonstrating some nice clean results here. One of the really nice features of LyX is the

Re: Problem with LYX

2007-11-08 Thread Richard Heck
Pietro Barbujani wrote: Hi, I'm Pietro from Italy. I'm writing my Master thesis, using KOOMA BOOK document in LYX. The problem are the margins because the right margin is larger in the odd pages while I would like a larger margin on the even pages... How can I do? It sounds like your page

Re: R: Problem with LYX

2007-11-08 Thread Richard Heck
numbers manually somewhere? rh Pietro -Messaggio originale- Da: Richard Heck [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Inviato: giovedì 8 novembre 2007 18.36 A: Pietro Barbujani Cc: Oggetto: Re: Problem with LYX Pietro Barbujani wrote: Hi, I'm Pietro from Italy. I'm

Re: Implementation of the format definition in a given .cls file

2007-11-08 Thread Richard Heck
Winson wrote: I am writing my thesis with ucthesis.cls downloaded from CTAN and installed on my computer. I made my ucthesis.layout as following: #% Do not delete the line below; configure depends on this # \DeclareLaTeXClass[ucthesis]{UC Thesis} # Read the definitions from

Re: Change tracking in LyX and multiple users

2007-11-09 Thread Richard Heck
G. Milde wrote: How do you generally track the changes in your documents ? * LyX has in-built support for RCS [etc etc] And it would not be a lot of work to convert it to CVS, SVN, etc. I've been kind of meaning to do this, as have a lot of other people, but other things always

Re: Export as odt - doesn't seem to work

2007-11-09 Thread Richard Heck
Graham Smith wrote: Bad form to reply to my own message, but I should add that the status bar suggests that the coversion is happening with the file apparantly being converted to tex and then oolatex being executed to create the odt file, its just the converted file doesn't appear anywhere.

Re: Export as odt - doesn't seem to work

2007-11-09 Thread Richard Heck
will have a go at running oolatex manually. If you can get it to work manually, then it should also work from LyX. Another possibility is Latex2RTF, which you can find on the web. LyX is also capable of using that, I think. rh Thanks, Graahm Richard Heck wrote: Graham Smith wrote: Bad

Re: Roman enumerated list layout style

2007-11-12 Thread Richard Heck
(iv) abc abc instead of the intended abc (i) abc (ii) abc abc (i) abc (ii) abc abc However the problem is only within the LyX interface. The generated document is OK. How could I make the counter reset with each new list? Thanks. On Nov 7, 2007 7:09 PM, Richard Heck [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote

Re: documentclass missing

2007-11-14 Thread Richard Heck
Franz Weidlinger wrote: Hi! Just installed Lyx. When I want to open any new template (beamer or article) lyx says that the document class is missing. If I go to Settings - Document class, I find that all document classes by dropdown are not available. How can I download and integrate this

Re: Bibliography / General questions

2007-11-19 Thread Richard Heck
TB2 wrote: Hi, I'm new to LaTeX / LyX / BibTeX and I'm really having some trouble. I've been searching forums and mailing lists for ages now but I can't get my bibliography and citations to work. [snip] I use JabRef to create the .bib (usually choosing MISC because of the url problem) and I

Re: Is uninstalling required ?

2007-11-20 Thread Richard Heck
Herve Autret wrote: Hi, I wrote : should I type make uninstall in Lyx-1.5.1 before make install in 1.5.2, or just make install in the most recent source tree ? I've uninstalled 1.5.1 (in case of...) and installed 1.5.2. Always a good idea. I've seen problems from this. LyX-1.5.2 can't

Re: Live Latex Editing

2007-11-24 Thread Richard Heck
Ryan Cross wrote: On Nov 25, 2007 11:18 AM, Andre Poenitz [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: On Sun, Nov 25, 2007 at 10:26:26AM +1100, Ryan Cross wrote: Correct me if I'm wrong, but the understanding you are referring to is already available - it is the relyx command that is used when

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