[mapguide-users] MGOS layers with Google Maps API?

2017-05-21 Thread open_saucer
Hey guys, thanks for bearing with me with all of my previous questions, as I'm still new to MGOS. I'm a user of Esri products, and have some experience with ArcGIS Server. And now I'm trying to replicate that with MGOS. So in ArcGIS Server the workflow is publish the layers in ArcMap, and the

Re: [mapguide-users] Mapguide 3.0 layer permissions

2017-05-21 Thread Kajar
So when map loads all layers must be turned off? But I need some rights based layers initially be visible for users who can have rights to view it. Its good to have that those layers not visible at all also in legend, when user have not right to view those layers. -- View this message in