MI-L Problems with Tool Manager MapInfo V6.0

2001-01-04 Thread Sheila Asiedu
I have come across a problem when runing MapInfo v6.0 on Windows 2000. Whilst logged in as administrator I am able to add tools and set it to autoload when MapInfo is started, however when I reboot the PC the tools that I have added are no longer available. How do I get MapInfo to save the tools


2001-01-04 Thread Steve McCrone
Hi, I have thousands of GPS coordinates (i.e. lat lon) that I wish to make into a polyline. Can someone help me to do this using map basic code. If you do not have the map basic code, then interactively with Mapinfo. Thanks, Steve

MI-L accessing non-default symbol sets

2001-01-04 Thread Lynda Liptrap
Hello. I am trying to use the Symbol clause to access a TrueType font and/or custom Bitmap for a point symbol. I can't seem to get any symbol set other than the default mapinfo 3.0 to display - what am I doing wrong? Thanks for your help.

RE: MI-L Problems with Tool Manager MapInfo V6.0

2001-01-04 Thread Stokes Jonathan
Sheila am having much the same problem with Windoze NT 4.0 (SP5). if i add tools using the tool manager and set them to autoload (i.e Universal translator, ArcLink etc). they disappear after i have shut down and restarted MI. so nay solutions ideas i'd love to hear them as well. Jon oh, and

MI-L MB: Removing added temporary column

2001-01-04 Thread Jaromir Svasta
Hello MB programmers! Is there a way how to remove a temporary column added to a table by "Add Column" command without needing to close or pack the table? I don't want to loose the selection made upon that table. Any hint? Jaromir SVASTA Hydrogeologist