MI-L: Symbol editing

2001-01-09 Thread Huber Martin BUD
Hi everbody I've recently tried to create symbols by means of MI tool "symbol editor". It is sufficient for simple symbols. The created symbols become part of the standard mapinfo symbo set (mapinfo 3.0 compatible). I Is it possible to create a new font set with MI and save newly created symbols

MI-L Thanks for the Help with Nearest Point

2001-01-09 Thread Dietrich Kastens
Thanks to everyone for their help with finding the nearest point. I finally ended up using a function provided by David Haycraft. Because I was searching in feet across a short area, I had to modify the function slightly. First, I had to change all units to "ft". Second, in the strsql


2001-01-09 Thread Steve McCrone
Hi, This topic is concerning MapXtreme ver 2.0 for NT. I am trying to get started with the product but am very confused. I managed to get the Hello World and Java World samples running but I have no idea on how to start modifying the existing code to add new functionality. Than sample

Re: MI-L MapXtreme

2001-01-09 Thread Flavio Hendry
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