MI HP 1055C Plotter experiences

1999-07-07 Thread Ahmet Dabanli
Hi everybody, Is ther anybody used HP 1055C plotter, and give some experiences about its performance and speed.. Or is ther anybody used HP 755, Hp 2500 and HP 1055 and compare them... Thanks for any help...

RE: MI Pro Thematic Maps

1999-07-07 Thread Alex Eshed
Thanks, Jason. That cleared the issue. From: Jason Adam [EMAIL PROTECTED] To:"'[EMAIL PROTECTED]'" [EMAIL PROTECTED] Cc:"'MapInfo List'" [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: RE: MI Pro Thematic Maps Date: Mon, 5 Jul 1999 10:00:27 -0400 Alex- This

RE: MI HP 1055C Plotter experiences

1999-07-07 Thread Carlson,Matt
Ahmet, We're trialling an HP 1055CM, and it works great with MI 4.52 with Windows 95, even on large (A0, E sheet) raster images. We couldn't get an HP2500 to work from Windows 95, it kept leaving out most of the raster images, though it was ok with NT4... Other than that we use an HP650C,

MI: projection button disapered

1999-07-07 Thread Jaromir Svasta
I just installed MI Pro 5.0 on a new computer and applyed 5.0.1 patch. What happened is that I don't see the projection button in the "Save Copy As..." dialog. I am able to save copy of my table in different projection by issuing MapBasic statement in MB window, but this is quite uncomfortable. I

MI RE: MapInfo v.s. ARCVIEW

1999-07-07 Thread Michael Branagan
I tend to agree with all of you regarding MI over AV. But I strongly suspect that AV may "win-out" over MI the way Windoz out-marketed Mac. Michael Branagan HOME: 10207 Green Holly Terrace Silver Spring, MD 20902-5812 OFFICE: USEPA, OPPE (Room 3208) 401 M Street, SW Washington, DC 20460-2123

MI vs AV

1999-07-07 Thread William Gutierrez
Hi: I need your help, I'm a MI user, I haven't used AV yet. My boss asked me to find the main differences (pro's and odds) of MI and AV. I've visited both sites in the internet but I want to hear something from you about MI 5.5 and AV 3.1, you are the final judges and I know that you have a lot

MI 5.5 SQL Problem--selecting columns

1999-07-07 Thread Mark Ulrich
Listers, Recently upgraded from 4.5.2 to 5.5 when this problem manifested itself. Has anyone else had a problem selecting columns in SQL Select and Select when the Number of Columns is large (249, to be exact)? It appears that the Columns "Dialog box" stacks the column names on top of each

MI Regional Centroids

1999-07-07 Thread David Saladino
Hello all, I'm trying to determine the centroid of population of our 2-County region. Our population data is broken down into Traffic Analysis Zones (TAZ) of which there are roughly 500 in the region. Is there any way to plot this centroid of population? My goal is to track the movement of

MI Question - Joining Tables

1999-07-07 Thread Cory Watkins
Hope everyone had a pleasant holiday weekend. I have created a layer of polygons which will represent police zones (traced over a street file/line file). Now that I have created a separate layer of zones, how do I go about fastening those zones to the original geofile in order to isolate

RE: MI ODBC Access

1999-07-07 Thread Perry Chris
Ewa,   What you need to do is store your attributes in Access with the polygons in MapInfo and a common ID which you can relate the items in the MapInfo table to the Access table.   Now, open the Access table using ODBC and the MapInfo polygon table. Use SQL select to join the 2 tables (ie.

Re: MI MapBasic capabilities

1999-07-07 Thread Gary Schwartz
My goal is to build a GUI for mapinfo with limited functionality so that our clients can make their own maps. Q. I'm pretty sure that is one of mapbasic's primary functions (correct me if I'm wrong)...however, can i do this without mapbasic at all? Can I do it all in VB or C++??? A. Yes,

Re: MI crashing after a query

1999-07-07 Thread Steve Wallace
I've been amazed at the number of problems people have had with the MapInfo 5.5 release. I'm not doubting these reports, as I've found some myself. What is unusual is that I used the beta as my production platform for a couple months and didn't have any of these problems. Now the official release

Re: MI Recieving Duplicate Emails from MapInfo-L List

1999-07-07 Thread Robert Karr
I'm getting a few, too. Didn't note who they were. Will start keeping track. Bob Robert Karr Science Research Assistant Science and Technology Division Legislative Service Bureau Michigan State Legislature 124 West Allegan, 4th Floor POB 30036 Lansing, MI 48909-7536 Voice : 517-373-3028

Re: MI crashing after a query

1999-07-07 Thread Sarah . Myers
I tried something different after my email to the list. After I hit "select all" and "copy," I hit the 'de-select" button and then 'save table as' and it worked just fine. Maybe the problem has something to do with keeping things selected after you've copied and then trying to 'save as'? Who