Re: MI MapInfo crashes when selecting

1999-07-08 Thread Richard Metzger
Hi, In this case, MI is not crashing. It is just that queries with a subquery based on objects are very time consuming. MI should be able to perform your query within a few hours. However, there is an alternative, which should be much faster: Select from tab1,tab2 where tab1.obj within

Re: MI Date: Thu, 8 Jul 1999 save as wmf

1999-07-08 Thread Hilde Vandenhoeck
hoy I've tried all the possible 'save windows as' formats (in MI 5.01) and came to the following conclusion 1: you will always lose a lot of dpi as bmp: not good enough, prints shades and rasters ok as png: ok, usable as tif: ok, usable as jpg: not good, the map is not shaped in the same way

MI HP 1055C Thanks and SUM

1999-07-08 Thread Ahmet Dabanli
Many thanks to everbody who kindly replied my HP1055 experiences mail.. Especially Matt Wilkie, Jo Faulker, David Westron,Rod Ellis,Matt Carlson, and others.. it gave me lots of idea and i think we will purchase one... As a summary HP 1055C is - Fast - Uses L3 Postscript - dual loading

Re: MI MapInfo crashes when selecting

1999-07-08 Thread Nigel James
Ewa, Is it just MapInfo which crashes or does your PC freeze? We had a similar problem which was caused by running a mediocre spec. graphics card at its maximum resolution and refresh rate. Upgrading to a better card with more RAM fixed the problem. regards Nigel

Re: MI .wmf export problem

1999-07-08 Thread Tim Morrissey
Simon, I've had the same problem as you when using "save window as" from the layout to CorelDraw 7. I found that any polygons that had a patterned fill, as opposed to a solid colour, were reproduced as a uniform shade of grey. In the end the only solution I could find was to save the window as

Re: MI Date: Thu, 8 Jul 1999 save as wmf

1999-07-08 Thread Portolan Geomatics Consultants
I've had a little experience with creating WMF files in Mapinfo and importing them into Corel 8 on a Windows 98 machine, PII with 128MB RAM. I noticed two things with the WMF files: First, if I ran only MapInfo, more 'stuff' appeared in my WMF file. Maybe some joker at MI said 'lets give the

RE: MI .wmf export problem

1999-07-08 Thread Robert Crossley
Have you tried simply embedding the map into coreldraw as an object? It allows you to even change your map once your in Coreldraw. For layouts, I print to a jpg file using superprint, and that produces an image that is better than the original. I've had the same problem as you when using

MI New User - Some minor problems

1999-07-08 Thread Chad Scheidecker
Hello anyone that can help me, I am using MI 5.0 to produce a GIS for some forestland owned by LSU. It is a relatively small track (about 1200 acres) and I subdividing it into 15 management units. The problem I am having is that I want to input the acreage for each unit into the

MI - Scroll Mouse

1999-07-08 Thread Shelley, Dave
I just received a scroll mouse from our IS department. It doesn't seem to work with MI. (I have 5.0) I changed the options to have the scroll bars show -otherwise the mouse doesn't work at all - and scrolling down zooms the mapper in and scrolling up zooms the mapper out (it could be the other


1999-07-08 Thread Rich McAnulty
Thanks to all who answered my DXF question. Of course the answer was out there and MapInfo L subscribers had it. Again thanks -- To unsubscribe from this list, send e-mail to [EMAIL PROTECTED] and put "unsubscribe MAPINFO-L" in

MI Need to find an expert on wireless GPS

1999-07-08 Thread Martin Johnson
Bill, We have a large experience with wireless data and their is technology available, depending on what you want to cover (City and/or rural). Our software interfaces with any wireless data network and we provide the proper mobile solution accordingly. We have a web version of GeoNav,