Re: [Maria-developers] Cannot push branch to github

2017-05-26 Thread Vicențiu Ciorbaru
Hi Valentin! I've just replied to your pull request. I can guarantee a time for when it will be reviewed, but it will happen. :) Thanks again for the contribution! Regards, Vicențiu On Fri, 26 May 2017 at 15:54 Valentin Rakush wrote: > Hi Vicențiu, hi Sergei, > >

[Maria-developers] Building LibraOffice w/ MariaDB installed fails apt-get build-dep

2017-05-26 Thread Howard Johnson
Hi, I'm having trouble with MariaDB as is described here: I suspect that there might be an issue with the virtual package or something like that. Any idea of what is going wrong or how to fix it? Thanks

Re: [Maria-developers] Cannot push branch to github

2017-05-26 Thread Valentin Rakush
Hi Vicențiu, hi Sergei, thank you for explanations, yesterday I have submitted pull request It does not have assignee or reviewers and I am not sure if somebody will be able to see it. Please have a look. Thank you, Valentin On Thu, May 25, 2017 at

Re: [Maria-developers] [Commits] df94429: MDEV-11196: Error:Run-Time Check Failure #2 - Stack around the variable 'key_buff'

2017-05-26 Thread Sergey Petrunia
Hi Varun, Ok to push. On Thu, May 25, 2017 at 07:41:50PM +0530, Varun wrote: > revision-id: df944293721a7ad93d115a58f2b574067d1dc79f > (mariadb-10.1.20-282-gdf94429) > parent(s): a1b6128dedb4419db9fadaf94c356d3477d4e06f > author: Varun Gupta > committer: Varun Gupta > timestamp: 2017-05-25

Re: [Maria-developers] MDEV-12803 Improve function parameter data type control

2017-05-26 Thread Alexander Barkov
Hello Alexey, Thanks for your feedback. Sending a new version, as discussed in this email and on IRC. Please find attached. - Removed Item_geometry_func_importer - Renamed Item_xxx_geometry_property to Item_xxx_args_geometry - Renamed Item_xxx_dyadic_operation to