[Maria-developers] MDEV-8306: Some input on the code so far

2019-07-10 Thread Sergey Petrunia
Hi Varun, Please find below some input on the current patch: > diff -urpN '--exclude=.*' 10.5-mdev8306-orig/sql/sql_class.h > 10.5-mdev8306/sql/sql_class.h > --- 10.5-mdev8306-orig/sql/sql_class.h2019-07-10 11:34:00.256256952 > +0300 > +++ 10.5-mdev8306/sql/sql_class.h 2019-07-10

Re: [Maria-developers] INSERT ... RETURNING Initial code review

2019-07-10 Thread Rucha Deodhar
Hello! I worked on the review and here is a report for the same. CODE: I fixed indentations and removed with_returning_list. Now I am using only the select_result pointer to know whether returning_list is empty (except in mysql_prepare_insert(). This function is using bool with_returning_list