SV: M-TH: New Nazis!

1999-11-29 Thread Bob Malecki

 Holy shit , Bob !

Well Maria and I got to go to the teachers conference yesterday. And we scared the 
shit out of them. Over and above the discussion on the problems we are facing (showing 
music,t-shirts and Nazi symbols we have been seeing of late) with this stuff I took up 
the last ten years of cuts and downsizing in schools which has laid the framework for 
these youth who are now looking at New Nazism as and alternative. Pointing out that 
these kids for years have been told that they are not worth anything. Well, the Nazi's 
have a different position and say they are worthy for there great cause. Notibly the 
overwhelming number of kids who are involved in this stuff have very bad grades and 
have given up in school. But not all. The clever ones use these others to be the 
loudmouths while they pull the strings in back of them.

Now the teachers are saying we must do something before its to late. Well for many of 
these kids it is too late. They have given up and turned there backs on society. 
Notibly nothing of what actully we should do came to the surface. When we told them 
about the murder threats many lookewd like they wanted to be as far away as possibvle 
from the reality we are living in.
In fact there appears to be a general tendency amongst youth of the adult world 
against us..Anyhow...

One thing to talk but this kind of action for teachers strikes fear into their hearts.

The whole commune now is getting a bit hysterical. Even the cops are getting more 
active. They turned up at the youth hostel last night wondering what is going on. 

One of my fellow workers a 63 year old women rang up the press that had used my name 
screaming at them that they were responsible for the death threats! She was just in 
Auswitz with a group of kids this summer and they have done some great work with the 
kids in this commune.

We have also been given a half and hour later this week before the politicans in the 
childrens education committee which is the higest instance and where all decisions on 
school policy are made..

Tonight there is a parent meeting where I am gonna raise the whole question again..
Now I will also go to my union an other unions in the commune demanding that they do 


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M-TH: New Nazis!

1999-11-27 Thread Bob Malecki

Well, There has been a big to do here this last couple of days. On top of a big strike 
and getting my job extended for another year there is the growing problem of new 
nazism here in this commune. We have a group of kids who have been getting very 
interested in white power music. And since school start this has been escaluting from 
music to t shirts and now on Thursday kids had enscribed a nazi symbol on their arm 
with razor blades.

Over this period we have been warning the teachers and school leadership of the 
problem and they have completely ignored it. So on Thursday evening when the communal 
govvernment had a public session which gives ordinary people the right to pose a 
simple question to the politicians I went.

Naturally everybody noticed when I walked in and were wondering what Malecki was going 
to do now being that all this stuff during the week had been going on with my job. 
Perhaps they thought I was goiung to take up this stuff.

Interestingly enough they put this part of the meeting at the beginning and being that 
this meeting drew a full house my question dropped down like a bomb out of the sky. I 
simply asked that those responsible for childrens education "what they were going to 
do with the new nazi tendency that has developed in school" Being a public meeting and 
forced to reply to the question they said that they would take up this question 

Being that I was the only person from the public who posed a question they attem,pted 
to go on with the meeting as if nothing had happened. But the newspapers were there 
and trade union bureaucrats who immediately came to me and wanted to know what was 
going on. 

So I told them that we are extremely worried about this stuff and it appears that the 
teachers and commune have no policy to deal with it nor want to. THey hope it will go 
over. Got it on to the front pages of the daily newspapers in a tiny little article up 
here and now we have been invited to the teachers conference on Monday to discuss this 
stuff. First time ever! 

Already I am getting Nazi death threats on the phone. 

And phone calls of why did you do this and give the commune a bad name.

And others who thanked me for my "civil courage".

Interestingly enough the left party (Ex cp) representatives started screaming about 
the need to control the Internet in school during the break and I said bullshit. I am 
against forbidding kids to use the Internet.

I even got myself reported to the cops by one of the parents to the kids who had 
inscribed the nazi symbol in his arm. 

So next week is gonna be crazy as everybody is forced to take up something they all 
have been trying to ignore for months now. 


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