[matplotlib-devel] bug in imshow for PDF, EPS output

2009-08-05 Thread Michael Fitzgerald
Hi all, I've come across an apparent bug in imshow when outputting to PDF and EPS files. (I haven't tested other vector formats.) It manifests as a small scaling error between the raster image and the axes coordinates. I have attached a test script to illustrate the problem. The

[matplotlib-devel] LineCollection and alpha

2008-03-12 Thread Michael Fitzgerald
Hi all, I found a small bug in LineCollection, which gives an exception when setting alpha. This is manifested in e.g. hlines and vlines: In [1]: hlines((0,),(-1,),(1,),color='b',alpha=0.1) --- IndexError

[matplotlib-devel] Arrow bugfix

2008-03-10 Thread Michael Fitzgerald
Hi all, I encountered problems with the Arrow patch, which broke sometime recently. I'm attaching a fix (diff against svn r4999). Best, Mike arrow_patch.diff Description: Binary data - This SF.net email is sponsored

[matplotlib-devel] small bugfix

2007-04-11 Thread Michael Fitzgerald
Hi all, I found a small bug, where Figure.clf() was erroneously leaving some axes instances in the Figure.axes list. It turns out the method was deleting items from the list while iterating over it. Attached is a patch. Mike Index: figure.py

[matplotlib-devel] PS, dpi, and imshow

2006-08-31 Thread Michael Fitzgerald
Hi all, I have a question about the PS backend (building on the thread imshow with PS backend from ~ a month ago). Evidently this backend is fixed at 72 dpi. This isn't a problem with vector information. However, it would seem that one would want to use a higher resolution when