Re: [Matplotlib-users] Problem building matplotlib

2006-10-28 Thread José Matos
On 28/10/06, Eric Firing [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: The error is not in matplotlib, it is in a pygtk header file, which is presumably coming from a Redhat package. I don't know why it is True. happening or what the best solution is, though. It looks like the pygobject.h that I have has

Re: [Matplotlib-users] dvipng/miktex 2.5 usetex problem

2006-10-28 Thread Ryan Krauss
Thanks Darren. type1cm got installed on the fly by miktex the first time I ran this, but that must not have taken effect fast enough or something. The miktex package manager now shows it as installed and deleting my matplotlib tex.cache and ttfont.cache and re-running my test leads to the usual,