[Matplotlib-users] clear figure, ax, etc

2012-04-03 Thread Emmanuel Mayssat
what does figure.clear() do ? what about ax.clear()? The doc is kind of sparce. The 2 function/method above do nothing on my setup. ax.clear() I was expecting to mean 'erase all the 2DLines' figure.clear()  I was expecting 'hide all the axes' Now figure.del_axes(self.figure.axes)  does not do

Re: [Matplotlib-users] Clear Figure

2008-10-05 Thread rocha
Hi Jae-Joon Lee, I tried it but unfortunately it didn't work too. After the Figure is cleared I cannot plot again. I've attached the whole code that I'm trying to do this, I hope it could help a little bit. I modified the original example just to test this feature. Thanks! Bernardo M.

Re: [Matplotlib-users] Clear Figure

2008-10-05 Thread John Hunter
On Sun, Oct 5, 2008 at 3:50 AM, rocha [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: self.canvas.figure.clf() self.canvas.draw() self.canvas.axes.plot([1.,2.,4.]) and nothing is plotted. The Figure is totally gray. I tried to do the same thing in embedding_in_qt4.py example, modifying some parts, but it didn't

[Matplotlib-users] Clear Figure

2008-10-04 Thread rocha
Hi Guys, I need to clear the Figure after the user has clicked the some button in PyQt, but when I try to plot the graphics again nothing appear. In ipython it works, but when I try it inside my application it does not work. What am I missing? Inside my MplCanvas class (actually it is a

Re: [Matplotlib-users] Clear Figure

2008-10-04 Thread Jae-Joon Lee
I guess you need to put draw() after plot() self.canvas.figure.clf() self.canvas.axes.plot([1.,2.,4.]) self.canvas.draw() Let us know if it does not help. -JJ On Sat, Oct 4, 2008 at 7:17 PM, rocha [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi Guys, I need to clear the Figure after the user has clicked the