Find file dialog in mc-4.6.0-pre3

2003-01-25 Thread Dmitry Semyonov
Hello! I've scanned a TODO list and found the item - Make find dialog more responsive - inside After 4.6.1 on 4.6.x branch section. But I think the responsiveness of the dialog is unacceptable for the 4.6.0 release. I missed the moment when it became so bad, (may be 1-3 releases ago (?)). But I

.syntax file syntax changed since 4.5.4x?

2003-01-25 Thread Arpi
Hi, I'm porting my .syntax hilite files from AMC (uses syntax code from 4.5.4x) and found that the /nn number codes has gone. I've never understood their purpose but all my syntax files contains them after each color code. -keyword $(*) yellow -keyword ${*} brightgreen +keyword $(*)

extfs/uzip bug

2003-01-25 Thread Arpi
Hi, While testing new uzip i've found that it's still(!, it didn't worked 3 years ago neither) unabel to handle zip files containing subdirs/fis with extra chars (space etc) in the name. my test file lists: root@arpi:/tmp/!mc# unzip -l teszt\ Archive: teszt Length Date Time

AMC merge patch #2

2003-01-25 Thread Arpi
Hi, The saga continues, this time with EXTfs and Syntax files updates: Changes included in patch: (all merged in from AMC version mc-4.1.35-A12pre) - EXTFS Support for the ESP archiver ('uesp' added where needed) - (commented out) support for .deb on dpkg-less systems (users just need to move